Dive in – Unlocking happiness and miracles (soft cover)

//Dive in – Unlocking happiness and miracles (soft cover)

Dive in – Unlocking happiness and miracles (soft cover)


Soft cover copy of Dive In – Unlocking happiness and miracles


Book softcover

Name: Dive in – Unlocking happiness and miracles (by exploring the hidden parts of us and the universe we live in)


Diving into the past to change the future…


In 1996 Melanie Britz is 20 years old, attending university, overweight, perplexed and wanting, above all, to be liked. What she doesn’t realise is that her life won’t be getting easier any time soon: a friend’s murder, the demise of her parents’ marriage and her mother’s near suicide attempt rocks the very core of her belief in God (and life itself).


After years in a joyless maze she realises that her problems cannot be solved from the shallows or the shoreline. She needs to Dive In – into the depths of her mind, the unresolved emotional trauma, her subconscious programming and the hidden parts of the universe she lives in.
What she discovers is life-changing.


Through the mists of time and space, filled with laughter and tears it is a heartfelt, honest conversation between the Girl and the Woman she becomes.
Sharing the keys to healing, self-love and trust means handing over a treasure map to unlock the happiness and miracles of life…

Book Dimensions:  198mmx 129mm



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Weight 234 g
Dimensions 19.8 × 13 × 1.8 cm


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