Let’s start thinking about Money in a way that actually empowers us

There is this yucky feeling that is attached to wanting money – almost as if you’re admitting to being totally shallow and unspiritual to even be focussing on that so much or at all.

Have you ever felt that?

The problem is that mixed-signal we’re sending out into the Universe will have a detrimental effect on our manifesting ability. When we’re in Money scarcity it triggers Time scarcity and we end up living lives where we endlessly chase a state of having and being enough.

It gets a little better if you start thinking about money as just an energetic form of exchange, but it doesn’t totally solve the problem.

Money as Support

So, let’s start thinking about money in a way that is true and powerful at the same time. Money is the Support you need to live your highest potential.

If you’re starving or stressed about how to pay your bills come month-end, you’re not living at your highest potential. If your soul yearns to travel but you can’t afford it, you’re not living at your highest potential.

So, decide right here and now, what the level of monetary Support is that you need. Express in Rands or Dollars or Euros or whatever currency, how much you need to be supported fully to live your highest potential, and the time frame. $2000 a week, R50 000 a month, 900 000 Euros a year – whatever it is. Write that down. I’ll wait while you do it.

Now, think about your debt as well. Basically, debt is the Support that was available to you, but that you didn’t know to claim previously. But you can put in a back claim for that. Do a recalculation if necessary and write down your new level of Support that you are claiming now.

So, let me ask you this: Are you worthy of being supported 100%?

The answer is yes. I hope you got that one right.

Three reasons why that Support is not showing up

If the level of the Support that you have received in the past is not up to this 100% level there are three common reasons:

  1. You were derailed by the yucky subtext of wanting money, making you feel guilty or bad about it, and that affected the clarity of your intentions and the strength of the vibration with which you sent it out into the world. We’ve just solved that.
  2. You weren’t specific enough. This is a big cause. You know that if you tell the Universe that you just want “more” money, finding a 10c piece on the sidewalk will do it. You need to be very, very specific. By writing down your level of Support that you are claiming, you’re solving that one now, too. Check, check.

Onto 3, and here’s the kicker:

The level of support that you are currently getting in terms of Money – whether it is at 10% or 30% or 70% of that 100% level, is also a reflection of the support that you’ve been giving to yourself.

Want me to repeat that? It’s a kick in the teeth, but it, unfortunately, is true. The level of Monetary Support that you have been getting in the past is a reflection of the support that you’ve been giving yourself, or not.

The Gap is a useful tool

If there is a gap, if it is not at 100% levels, that gap is the level of support that you have not been giving to yourself. It is the level of how much you’ve sidestepped your own intuition and truth, the level of how much you are not believing in yourself, the level of how often you are not loving yourself fully, the level of how long you’ve not been believing in your own worthiness.

Whatever that gap is, it is okay.

Step out of feeling bad about that gap for a moment. Now that you know this, you can change it. For the next week, your only focus needs to be on Upping that level of support that you are giving yourself.

  • Believe in yourself totally and utterly.
  • Love all of yourself, in spite of your imperfections.
  • Forgive yourself for every single thing you’ve ever done wrong – 100% of your flaws and faults and errors in judgement.
  • Let go of the shame, the blame and the guilt – all of it.
  • Step into your bigger purpose and potential and start living that.
  • Show up with all of the courage and positivity available to you.
  • Give yourself permission to have moments of joy and just start following your bliss.
  • Say no to stuff that doesn’t resonate with you, even if that upsets other people’s expectations of you.

The money Support you’ve received is just a barometer of this process. You deserve to be supported 100%.

Embodying support for yourself

You don’t get what you want, you get what you Are, what you embody. So Be that. Fully. 100% supportive of yourself.

Become aware of the places and spaces where you are not being true and kind and compassionate to yourself and your Highest potential.

Work on that as a high priority this week, and as you do better in terms of this, the gaps in your Money support will grow less and less.