The day I wrote a Letter to the Universe (and changed everything, forever)

There I was, broke again, worried about the noisy choir bells of SMS-notifications as those deductions get made from my bank account, ringing in yet another month-end, and someone told me to write a Letter to the Universe.

I didn’t really think it would help, but honestly, what could it hurt?

So I did.

And what I discovered, when I gave myself permission to feel it, was that I was angry. No, that’s not right. What I was, was pissed off mightily – like “Old Testament smiting down your enemies”-furious, and I had been for years.

Like many heart-centred women, I was trying my best, being kind and compassionate, giving of myself in too many ways to count, doing my utmost to follow my internal guidance and figure out where my life purpose lay, and what was I getting? Fuck all.

Letting loose the volcano of anger

No support. No money. Just worry and stress and debt. (This is not really true, but that’s how it felt at the time).

And being able to finally feel that and express that was the beginning of healing my relationship with money, the Universe and life itself.

In that moment, I gave myself permission to yell and rage. I was doing all this and I deserved support. Finally, I demanded support. Even more surprisingly, I realised that I was heartbroken at not having received that support.

Right there and then I finally claimed the support I need to live my best life. Because that is all that money is after all.

And worrying how you’re going to pay the bills every month is a wasteful, sorry way to live, in my opinion. There are other things I’d rather be doing with my one and precious life.

So there. I’ll do my part, but you better get with the programme here, I told the Universe. I could almost feel the click, the internal shift that happened as I let loose with total honesty and really stepped into my worthiness in a totally new way.

Healing a fractured relationship and restoring trust in the Universe and life

You know what? In the days and months that followed the Universe started getting with the programme. As we began healing the fractured relationship that I didn’t even know was so fucked-up, we started getting on the same page. Trust got rebuilt.

When I started consistently claiming the support I wanted, instead of begging for it like a poor orphan staring up with pleading eyes at the delicious food on the dinner table I wasn’t being invited to share in, the support and the money started showing up.

It became fun. Joyous.

Downright amazing.

No, what it was, was lifechanging.

How the 33-days I-CAN Manifest Challenge came to be

I figured out some other steps to the process too – claiming was just step 1, I realised. There were two other crucial components to this.  I refined it some more and as I practised it and researched it, the underlying principles became clearer and clearer. It was dynamite.

Then I started taking other people through the whole process, in my 33-day I-CAN Manifest challenge and they are feeling and letting loose that initial frustrated rage that they didn’t even know was there too, right on cue.

A Hallelujah choir starts to sing when I hear that…  Aaaaaaa…

There is something big here that needs to be healed, to be repaired. It isn’t just me, it might be you too. If you’ve read this far, it probably is you too.

This is your invitation

If it is, I want to extend a heartfelt invitation to you to join the 33-day Manifestation challenge, from one formerly pissed-off, broken heart to another.

I take you through an entire process, which is richly layered and built around neurological principles, the latest manifestation theories, but most of all, around my own experience with this.

Let’s get started in healing your relationship with the Universe (and money).

I’ve been there and honestly, this is no way to live.

It’s time to sort that shit out so that you can fully shine your light the way you know you’re meant to.