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Pick just ONE of the 3 random Energy of Abundance cards displayed below to indicate your MAIN current blockages or opportunities in embodying the Energy of Abundance in all aspects of your life…

Each card has a longer explanation and a powerful Sacred Earth Energy Activation linked to it which can be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of the card description.

There is a shuffle button in the left corner just below the cards.

Pick an Energy of Abundance card


The judgements we make, whether we judge aspects of ourself or others, life itself, emotions or actions to be good or evil create little energetic charges that distort our connection with the Divine love that lies beyond these separating, disconnecting stories – a love so vast and encompassing that it dwarfs galaxies.

BLOCKS/OPPORTUNITIES for Abundance indicated by this card:
*Judgements about self or others, about life,
*Not being in pure being and pure love, *Disharmonic beliefs,
*Fear of the unknown,
*Ancestral karma,
*Self-righteousness creating a divide between you and others,
*Resistance and separation,
*Invitation to become a clean energetic canvas, ready for new discoveries,
*New inter-connectedness and cosmic awareness, *Acceptance,
*Non-duality / 5D

SACRED EARTH ACTIVATION Place linked to this card: Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Italy



The Lighted path is a simultaneous inner and outer pathway you walk, deeper into yourself. Shining more of your inner light in the world, unlock more light to illuminate your outer path through life too.

BLOCKS/OPPORTUNITIES for Abundance indicated by this card:
*Fear of shining your light due to previous experiences or lifetimes where you might have been persecuted or killed,
*The need to show up more authentically in the world,
*Inner shadow work needed,
*Feeling unsafe and unsupported, or unsure of your outer pathway

SACRED EARTH ACTIVATION Place linked to this card: Mount Sinai, Sinai peninsula



Within the ancient Lemurian society there were those called Dreamers, who could change waking reality by the power of their dreams.
This ancient knowledge is part of your legacy and mission within your current earth incarnation to assist with ascension and expansion of humanity and earth.

BLOCKS/OPPORTUNITIES for Abundance indicated by this card:
*Advanced energy activation of ancient DNA and knowledge

SACRED EARTH ACTIVATION Place linked to this card: This card is not linked to a specific place on earth, but uses the sacred geometry and specific energy combination of the previous eleven cards to open an advanced energy gateway. It is only available as part of the Energy of Abundance Level 1 programme.


The story of my journey into the Energy of Abundance...

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