Unravel the mysteries of your Soul Journey!

Open yourself up to an ABIDING SOUL-DEEP CLARITY that will permeate every facet of your life...

Does this sound like you?

• You don't know what your Soul Purpose is and you feel as if you are somehow missing some intangible target no one told you about, with your life.

• You know there's something bigger for you but you don't know what it is and how to step into it.

• You have sticky energy blocks and limiting patterns that always show up again no matter how much you work on them/heal them.

• You get lost in self-doubt and uncertainty when you try to move forward on your path.

What if things could be different?

What if you could be 100% certain about your true Soul purpose and your next steps? 

How would you be without all that
second-guessing and fumbling about and feeling lost and frustrated and unsure
of what you should be doing?    

How would your life change if you could understand the unique blend of creation energies that came together to make you YOU?

What could be different if you could work in alignment with your energy system instead of against it to go after your goals and dreams?

How much bigger could you play if you could get rid of your limiting patterns and energy blocks right at the source?

What could you achieve if you weren't leaking energy all over the place and could step into your Soul power in an unprecedented way?

If you’re finding yourself nodding along to all this, you’re not alone…

A lot of my clients felt exactly the same way.

I used to think that my special gift was being able to intuitively access the Akashic Records and use the powerful vibration of the Records for Deep Soul Healing.

Or being able to cut the fluff and focus on the practical information, past life blocks and karmic aspects that would create the biggest impact in my client's lives, like an energy surgeon.

I even considered my ability to weave quantum physics and ancient wisdom traditions together as my true gift at one time.

However, having done hundreds of client readings, I now know that my biggest, most special gift is my ability to provide Total, Soul-Deep Clarity...

Clarity on your unique energy system, with all of its gifts and challenges, goals, karma, energy blocks, your bigger Soul Journey and its ultimate purpose....

Which is why I’m so excited to offer you:

Soul Journey Energy readings!

Combining your Akashic Records with your Soul Path information (based on Ancient Wisdom passed down through the ages) to:

  • Explore the Energy System of You.

  • Discover and dissolve Energy Blocks.

  • Reconnect to your Soul’s Purpose.

  • Activate your dormant Gifts and Align with your Highest self.

  • Gain insight into your Relationships and Financial energy flow.

  • Explore your (concurrent) Past Lives that are impacting you right now.

  • Uncover Ancestral and Relationship Karma and liberate yourself from persistent Patterns and Energy flows.

  • Break free from the Traumas that hold you back.

Here’s what you get when you book a session:


Unparalleled Clarity

When you book a 1-on-1 Soul Journey Energy session, you are not just reserving time in the Akashic records, you’re opening an energetic gateway into Clarity and deep Soul Magic that will resonate within you long after our Zoom call ends.


Understanding of your Soul Path & Creation Energies

Understand the unique blend of creation energies that are woven together to make you YOU. You are here to focus on transmuting, activating or stepping into certain energies. Knowing what they are is invaluable towards Soul alignment.


Guidance from your Spirit team

During the Akashic records part of the reading your spirit team/guides are the ones giving us the information in ways designed to be clear and understandable to you. Get guidance, direction and confirmation about your path.


A Powerful Energy Healing Experience

The Akashic Records has a high, healing vibration that is almost like a gentle but persistent earthquake, shaking loose some dust and debris from the beautiful chandelier that is your Soul. This happens beyond any information exchanged or specific energy healing that might be indicated by your guides.


A Higher Perspective on your Soul Journey

Your current life is like starting to read an intriguing book on Chapter 33. Knowing more about the characters and events that came before will allow you to make sense of the story you are living and how to rewrite it in an empowering way.


Understanding of your Soul Purpose

Get 100% clear on your Soul's talents, gifts, challenges and goals, as well as your Soul Purpose. Working with this energy is one of the most life-changing things you can do and your ticket to aligning with your highest potential.

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"My reading with Melanie was phenomenal – I didn’t want it to end! I got instant clarity on a few blocks I’ve been struggling with, and past life insights that helped me understand what’s been holding me back.   Everything in our session rang of absolute truth in my soul. Melanie is the real deal – warm, gentle and deeply connected with the higher realms.

— Melanie Chisnall

I had an incredible reading with Melanie, which allowed me to view my past lives and heal any traumas that still affected my current life.

She is very gifted and intuitive and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

— Aneta Radzikowska

It is difficult to put into words just how mind-blowing my reading with Melanie was. I have always had an idea of what my life purpose is, but this reading gave me insight as to where I should direct my focus.

It also showed me where I was stuck, unfocused and in denial.

I would recommend this to everyone.

— Vivienne Hanmer


What are the "Akashic Records"?

The Akashic Records is the energetic imprint of everything that has ever been and ever will be. It records every vibration, every thought, every decision, every action...

Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning "primary substance".

The Records allow us to access your soul's journey and wisdom, heal energy blocks and karma and understand more about the past (concurrent) lives you are especially connected to in this life.

What is my "Soul Path" and where does that information come from?

Hebrew is one of three sacred languages whose alphabets are special.

In the Sefer Yetsirah, or the Book of Creation, an early Hebrew text, each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet is associated with a specific aspect of creation.

These 22 letters can be used to understand (and manipulate) the forces of the Universe, according to the book.

Your soul is a unique combination of traits, talents, challenges and goals, like a woven braid highlighting some of these creation energies.

During a reading, your dominant personal strands of energy that intertwined to become you, will become clear.

Your name (translated into the phonetic equivalent in Hebrew) is used to calculate various numerological values, which are then interpreted to reveal insights about your life purpose etc.

Information/process obtained from:

  • The Sefer Yetsirah

  • Kaballah Tree of Life teachings

  • The channelings of Frank Alper

  • Your Soul Contract decoded - Nicolas David Ngan

  • Soul plan - Reconnect with your True life purpose - Blue Marsden

Why do you combine Akashic Records information with Soul Path information?

With an Akashic records reading you get free-flowing channeled advice, guidance and information.

You also get profound structured insight in your soul’s energetic DNA with your Soul Path chart, which will allow you to align to your highest potential much more easily.

As a result, using a combination of both is like using a wide-angled lens to take a photo. You get a much wider, more complete view of the subject (you!).

The two types of information and perspectives COMBINED is both powerful and life-changing!

It’s like the roadmap for your life that you never knew existed, but always needed!

What does a Soul Journey Energy reading look like?

We will connect via Zoom at a time that suits us both. You can be anywhere in the world.

It is important to be in a quiet, private space and that you have good internet connection to minimise disruption.

We will first talk about your questions and intentions for the reading.

We will look at your Soul Path chart and then open your Akashic Records.

A reading is 2 hours in duration.

How do I know this is right for me?

This is for you if you :

*Want to get a clear picture of your soul talents, goals and challenges

*Feel lost or unsure within your current career, job or services offered

*Need guidance on what your life purpose is

*Are going through a transition phase in your life

*Feel like you keep missing the mark somehow

*Need practical aspects to focus on for self-improvement

*Want to get into alignment so that you can overcome your limitations and manifest abundance.

*Have recurring limiting patterns that you can’t seem to shake off

*Want a high-level overview of your next steps or path forward

*Need guidance from your spirit team

*Have challenging relationships that you want to understand better or heal

*Feel like energy blocks are holding you back

*Need clarity on past life energy that might be affecting you in this life

*Want answers to questions about your soul purpose, path and potential.

Your soul knows and drew you to this page for a reason. Trust your instincts.

How do you receive the channeled information?

I receive the information mostly visually.

Your guides and my guides get together and offer the information in the way to be best understood by you.

The images I see may be symbolic or actual. I have to tell you what they are before any information will start flowing.

Then, it is almost like pulling on a thread from a carpet. The energy starts flowing and I get a story and images.

Sometimes only the pervading emotion comes through or an understanding of what the image means and what they are trying to say.

Goosebumps are a signal from my guides that something important is being said and to pay attention.

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