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Dive in – unlocking happiness and miracles

  • fun and easy to read
  • a self-help memoir
  • to help you unlock happiness and miracles in your life, by
  • teaching you how to change the subconscious programming that is holding you back
  • dealing with trauma and unresolved emotions
  • helping you to discover self-love and acceptance
  • forgiving others (and yourself)
  • offering spiritual techniques to support you
  • based on psychological research and principles
  • a treasure map to your best self.
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2501, 2018

Dancing with water

25 January 2018 There was a dead seal on the beach today. A sad husk, dark and sombre against the light sand. It was almost as if the waters wanted to deliver to me a message of death and decay. In the midst of an unprecedented drought here in the Western Cape where I live, it is no surprise if that is indeed the message, I thought to myself. I saw a video the other day about an old Native [...]

2401, 2018

The Power of Consistency

This weekend, I gave a talk to a lovely group of Annique consultants who wanted to kick off their 2018 in high gear. I told them my story, how I came to write a book and how hard and rewarding that was. The journey of putting your head down and keeping on keeping on, despite all of your doubts and misgivings... We spoke about the power that lies in "Consistency", what it means and how to apply it to your [...]

401, 2018

The Akashic time travel workshop – what it is all about

When is it being held? Firstly, it is a three-hour workshop being held in Somerset West, on January 16, from 14:00 to 17:00. You can book by emailing melanie@melaniebritz.com. Cost per person: R250.   What is a time-travel workshop exactly? The American physicist John Wheeler once said that time is what stops everything from happening at once. We experience time flowing in a pretty linear, ordered fashion, only in one direction, likened often like a river flowing past from one [...]

2912, 2017

Meditation to end off 2017 cleanly and welcome the new energy of 2018

Welcome. Come to this space, and just centre yourself here. Wherever you are, become present in your body, in this moment in time. We are on the cusp of welcoming a new year, but this year more than ever it is important to let go of the year that was and to welcome the new energy cleanly. 2017 was a tough year. In a way, we're all suffering from a bit of PTSD. We witnessed scary, upsetting, disjointing, chaotic things. The [...]

2312, 2017

Akashic Time-travel workshop: Heal your past and create your Future

I really feel called to do this, and to teach what I've learned. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, you can book your seat for this Akashic time-travel workshop by sending me an email. Somerset West (venue to be confirmed) Tuesday 16 January 2018 Time:  14:00 - 17:00 Cost: R250 per person