Put on your eyepatches, awesome pirates – adventure awaits!

//Put on your eyepatches, awesome pirates – adventure awaits!

Put on your eyepatches, awesome pirates – adventure awaits!

I heard a story once about why olden-day pirates wore an eyepatch. I’d always assumed that it was because they lost an eye during the regular swordfights they probably had, but apparently, it’s not.

They wore the eyepatch so that the eye that is hidden behind the patch is accustomed to the dark, giving them a faster reaction time when the time came for them to fight in the near dark of the ship’s hold.

That way there was less adjustment time needed as they whipped off the eyepatch since they could in effect see and fight both in the light and in the dark – at a moment’s notice.

As modern day pirates, all looking for our own personal Treasure Islands we are actually living in two worlds simultaneously. There is the very real, tangible World of Form around us, but there also exists an intangible, invisible World of Ideas and Energy and Spirit around us all. Following our treasure maps successfully entails being able to switch between these two worlds at a moment’s notice and functioning well in both.

Just concentrating on the World of Form often gets us lost, because the best clues to our quest for the treasure are actually hidden in that other, invisible world.

However, we can’t only exist and operate in that world, because following our dreams involve taking concrete steps and setting sail in the very real, tangible world as well.

Putting on the eyepatch to follow our treasure maps in the invisible involves various things, amongst others making quiet time to check in with our feelings and emotions and guidance, visualising our treasure islands often, believing in them wholeheartedly and most importantly listening to what our treasure maps are telling us about the decisions we’re making in our daily lives.

It involves throwing off some of the heavy ballast of unresolved traumas and issues from our pasts that keep our ships from being able to swiftly and surely follow the trade winds and currents without floundering along the way.

It takes courage to wear that eyepatch (which we all know looks mighty weird among non-piraty folk) and to set sail despite the risk of storms, sharks or scurvy. We face daily mutiny from our egos, our fears and the alluring comforts of the dockside bar where we are safe and sound and well-lubricated with drink and we can keep ourselves entertained with scurrilous tales of past voyages.

But if we can dare to put on our eye-patches and to follow the treasure maps that are calling to us all (even as we are reading this), oh what adventures we’ll have…what stories we would be able to tell… and oh, what treasures we’ll find…

Tangible, real treasures of wealth, abundance and precious things, as well as intangible but just as real treasures of ideas and moments and memories. Best of all, we might just find the biggest treasures of all, that are hidden deep inside of us… our purpose, our calling, courage and hope, worthiness and confidence in our own magical abilities to navigate and master the Seven Stormy seas of this life.

Love you, awesome pirates! Ahoy. Adventure awaits.

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