Changing our outdated thinking

//Changing our outdated thinking

Changing our outdated thinking

I had a weird dream this morning. Mind you, now that I’m paying attention and writing them down immediately upon waking I have realised that I have weird dreams most mornings, but this one was especially weird and somewhat funny.

I was in a parking garage being chased by a little, neon-green, poisonous, Dinosaur; and this creature was named Beef Wellington, I kid you not. The Dinosaur bore some striking resemblance to those Venus fly trap plants, especially around the mouth area, but it was a cartoon.

In my dream, I successfully evaded the scary little cartoon from pre-history and got in my car. Then, driving down the road I got pulled over by some cops who told me that the headlights on my vehicle need replacing. “No fine, but you have to change the headlights, M’am”.

Looking up the subconscious meanings and symbolism behind some of these things were very interesting.

For one, Dinosaurs represent outdated attitudes and old ways of thinking – and in this case, it was poisonous.

And headlamps represent how we look towards the future.

So, I was being chased by some poisonous outdated attitudes and ways of thinking that no longer serve me and then told that the way I look towards the future, those things that light up the dark so that I can see where I’m going, need to be replaced with some new ones.

Now, that is quite a meaningful dream, especially coming at the end of a year where we completed a nine-year cycle and are preparing to go into a whole new year and brand new nine-year cycle.

I really don’t know why my Dinosaur was called after a complex, intricate dish that is very difficult to cook perfectly, but maybe it’s a metaphor for the complex, intricate life we’re meant to be creating.

Even though there’s some work to do, some stuff to change, according to my subconscious, I take hope from the silly little dream.

Mostly because the real message was that we don’t need to change the whole car. The engine is fine and there’s lots of petrol in the tank to get where we want to go.

It’s just the way we look towards the uncertain and uncharted future—the light we’re shining on our path ahead—that needs some adjusting.

And even though you, dear friend, probably didn’t have a ridiculously-named, green, cartoon-dinosaur chasing you around in your dreams last night (that you remember anyway) this message might just have some application for and assistance in your life as well, as we head into 2017…

You don’t need to change a damn thing, just change the outdated and old Dinosaur-ways you’re thinking about the future.

Change your headlamps.

Wishing you a wonderful Festive Season and blessed New Year!

Lots of love,


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