Welcome. Come to this space, and just centre yourself here.

Wherever you are, become present in your body, in this moment in time.

We are on the cusp of welcoming a new year, but this year more than ever it is important to let go of the year that was and to welcome the new energy cleanly.

2017 was a tough year. In a way, we’re all suffering from a bit of PTSD. We witnessed scary, upsetting, disjointing, chaotic things. The pace was fast and disturbing and there were lightning bolt shocks to the system.

We’ve all been beat up by the year that was. In truth, it was a bit like an ongoing mugging.

There was a lot of fear, uncertainty and dismay about the chaos that is happening in the world.

So take a deep breath with me, and feel where that feeling of 2017 is centred in your body. For me it is a black tightness in my solar plexus, that almost feels like your breath being caught in your throat. A gasp of shock, a frisson of electricity and dismay. It is hurt and pain and disappointment.

Send love and kindness to that place. Breathe light into it.

Keep breathing light and love into that place, until you can start feeling it loosening. Even if it’s just almost imperceptible at first.

Let the light relieve and transform it. Let it go. It’s served its purpose. Time to move on.

See it as a coal-black darkness, a tightness that is releasing, that is draining out of you, into the earth, where it can be transformed into positive energy.

Now that that space is feeling lighter, I want you to go back and find the gift that was there for you this year that’s passed.

Like a diamond born from the immense pressure of the coal around it, 2017 has a gift for you, born from all the pressure and the stress.

What is it? Sit still, and let it come to you.

For me, that diamond was the realisation of my own power. I never realised and stepped into it like that before this year.

For you, it will probably be something else.

Open your mind and your heart and let it come to you.

Once you’ve found it, treasure it for a moment and then thank 2017 for bringing you this precious gift, this tiny jewel of spiritual growth or understanding.

It will travel with you into the new year – this valuable gift.

It is the only part of 2017 that we energetically want to take with us. The rest, the coal black fear and negativity – we want to heal, dissolve, and allow it to flow out of our being without judgement or regret.

We don’t want to take it with us, because it will drag us down and keep us from experiencing the new opportunities that await.

When this process is done, and the blackness is gone, and you’ve found your gift…

We want to sit for a moment and then call to us the energy of 2018.

It is already out there, coming fast, can you feel it?

It feels powerful, and dynamic and totally different from what 2017 felt like.

To me, it feels very focused and expansive – like a rolling ball of fire and creativity.

Breathe in some of that fire into your heart. Breathe that energy into your solar plexus. Breathe it into your whole being.

Then, just sit and bask for a moment in all of that power and potential.

2018 is going to be an amazing year.

Much love, always,