Akashic Readings

I learned a few years ago how to access the Akashic records for myself, and I was blown away by the power there is in the work that we can do in the records and the shifts we can make. I’ve used it to good effect in my life.

We can shift patterns, karma and energetic imprints that we’ve been dragging along with us, for lifetimes, going to the root or cause of the issue.  

I slowly started doing readings for a friend here, an acquaintance there and found that they were having major, mindboggling breakthroughs and shifts.

There was a feeling growing all the time, that there is such a need for this type of healing in the world, and that I can’t keep this to myself, and just use it for my own personal enlightenment and healing. I can’t ignore that feeling anymore.

So, I’m guided to add this as a service to my website, and letting you know that if you feel that this resonates with you, you can book an Akashic reading with me.

Why should you do it? If you are struggling with a particular problem, emotion, pattern, health issue or concern that you just can’t seem to resolve, no matter what you try, the Akashic records allow us to inquire about the origins of the problem or pattern and resolve it on an energetic level at the point of origin.

Think of it as an unwanted tree with a lot of branches. If you just work on the branch that you can see, in this lifetime, by doing inner child work or energetic healing you are not necessarily really getting rid of it. Instead, if we go to the trunk of the tree, from which all the branches originate and cut that down, all the branches disappear as well.

What does it entail? A Skype or in person session (in Somerset West) lasting 1:30 – 2:00 hours.

How do you know it’s the right time? You’ll know when you are ready to shift it. Your soul is in charge here, so trust your own feelings and intuition.

Cost: R795 per session

How do you book a session? Click here or email me at melanie@melaniebritz.com. It would be an honour to facilitate your Akashic records session and to help you along your soul’s journey.

Much love,