20 12, 2016

Changing our outdated thinking

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I had a weird dream this morning. Mind you, now that I’m paying attention and writing them down immediately upon waking I have realised that I have weird dreams most mornings, but this one was especially weird and somewhat funny. I was in a parking garage being chased by a little, neon-green, poisonous, Dinosaur; and this creature was named Beef Wellington, I kid you not. The Dinosaur bore some striking resemblance to those Venus fly trap plants, especially around the mouth area, but it was a cartoon. In my dream, I successfully evaded the scary little cartoon from pre-history and got in my car. Then, driving down the road I got pulled over by some cops who told me that the headlights on my vehicle need replacing. “No fine, but you have to change the headlights, M’am”. Looking up the subconscious meanings and symbolism behind some of these things were very interesting. For one, Dinosaurs represent outdated attitudes and old ways of thinking – and in this case, it was poisonous. And headlamps represent how we look towards the future. So, I was being chased by some poisonous outdated attitudes and ways of thinking that no longer serve me and then [...]

19 11, 2016

Put on your eyepatches, awesome pirates – adventure awaits!

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I heard a story once about why olden-day pirates wore an eyepatch. I’d always assumed that it was because they lost an eye during the regular swordfights they probably had, but apparently, it’s not. They wore the eyepatch so that the eye that is hidden behind the patch is accustomed to the dark, giving them a faster reaction time when the time came for them to fight in the near dark of the ship’s hold. That way there was less adjustment time needed as they whipped off the eyepatch since they could in effect see and fight both in the light and in the dark – at a moment’s notice. As modern day pirates, all looking for our own personal Treasure Islands we are actually living in two worlds simultaneously. There is the very real, tangible World of Form around us, but there also exists an intangible, invisible World of Ideas and Energy and Spirit around us all. Following our treasure maps successfully entails being able to switch between these two worlds at a moment’s notice and functioning well in both. Just concentrating on the World of Form often gets us lost, because the best clues to our quest for the [...]

16 11, 2016

Did your emotional trip-switch also just trip out on you?

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Dear friends, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling pretty “disconnected” lately. I can barely manage to drag myself to a place where I can meditate and I’ve been feeling quite alone. Even connecting to my feelings about this “disconnection” is hard – it’s all sort of blah. Meh. I don’t feel that upset about it, or worried. I just feel sort of drowsy spiritually, drifting along somewhat aimlessly with no real plan or excitement. The one worry in the back of my mind is what this is doing to my dreams, because it almost feels like losing sight of them temporarily. And I don’t know if they are strong enough and real enough to survive my falling asleep at the reins, and for how long. Do they just wither and die like a garden without water? I’ve been wondering about this. I suspect that one of the reasons I feel like this at the moment is that my emotional trip-switch got thrown a bit with the surprise results of the American elections. I didn’t support either candidate strongly, but the result upset me, mainly because I had hoped that the transition into a less patriarchal, more inclusive new [...]

4 10, 2016

Why Superman needs a nice dark closet

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There should be a bold, red warning right there on the packet: Caution! Embarking on a journey to follow your dreams and live your greatest life possible may cause extreme swings of emotion and moments of utter fear. It’s true. Sometimes following your own yellow brick road you will have moments when you feel like Superman, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. These will be those moments when everything in life and the universe conspires for you and you feel like the powerful, awesome being that you truly are. Aren’t those the greatest? I mean, aren’t they just? The ones I struggle with, though, are on the other side of the spectrum. On this darker side of the pendulum, I go from feeling like Superman, to finding myself suddenly quivering in the darkness of my metaphorical closet. I’m sitting there in the dark, hugging my knees and listening fearfully for any indication that the axe murderer, my worst fears, are about to, horrifyingly, find me. As I sit there straining to hear the heavy footsteps in the corridor outside, I fearfully wait for the moment when the cupboard door will creak open, and I will be found. If [...]

25 09, 2016

2016: The year of Old Cows

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There is an old saying in Afrikaans: “Moenie ou koeie uit die sloot uitgrawe nie”, which (literally  translated) says “Don’t dig up old cows from the ditch”. It means letting the past be the past. For many people, including me, 2016 was a pretty tough year with a lot of challenges. One of the reasons for this is these Old Cows that kept popping up, seeming out of nowhere. Issues and things from our past, stuff that we thought had been dealt with, old patterns and behaviors, all long buried and forgotten, kept showing up, over and over again. In Numerology 2016 adds up to a 9-year (which means that the numbers of the year, added together, give a sum of 9). There are 9 years in a cycle, which makes 2016 the culmination of a cycle that started way back in 2008. A 9-year is a Year of Completion and maybe this is why all of this old, buried stuff kept showing up. You just need to look at politics to see how true this is, for everyone. No one seems to be immune. The American election was all about old stuff popping up, and just continuing popping up with [...]

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