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  • fun and easy to read
  • a self-help memoir
  • spiritual primer
  • to help you unlock happiness and miracles in your life, by
  • teaching you how to change the subconscious programming that is holding you back
  • dealing with trauma and unresolved emotions
  • helping you to discover self-love and acceptance
  • forgiving others (and yourself)
  • offering spiritual techniques to support you
  • based on psychological research and principles
  • inspiration, wisdom, laughter and tears
  • a treasure map to your best self.
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2306, 2017

Chaos theory

There is a mathematical theory which states, in its simplest form, that small events can lead to many unforeseen big events, and because of that compounded effect of a very small initial change or event, you cannot predict anything when you are dealing with complex systems. It is known as the Chaos theory, or also in popular culture as the Butterfly effect which says that a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can impact weather patterns which can later lead [...]

2012, 2016

Changing our outdated thinking

I had a weird dream this morning. Mind you, now that I’m paying attention and writing them down immediately upon waking I have realised that I have weird dreams most mornings, but this one was especially weird and somewhat funny. I was in a parking garage being chased by a little, neon-green, poisonous, Dinosaur; and this creature was named Beef Wellington, I kid you not. The Dinosaur bore some striking resemblance to those Venus fly trap plants, especially around the [...]

1911, 2016

Put on your eyepatches, awesome pirates – adventure awaits!

I heard a story once about why olden-day pirates wore an eyepatch. I’d always assumed that it was because they lost an eye during the regular swordfights they probably had, but apparently, it’s not. They wore the eyepatch so that the eye that is hidden behind the patch is accustomed to the dark, giving them a faster reaction time when the time came for them to fight in the near dark of the ship’s hold. That way there was less [...]

1611, 2016

Did your emotional trip-switch also just trip out on you?

Dear friends, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling pretty “disconnected” lately. I can barely manage to drag myself to a place where I can meditate and I’ve been feeling quite alone. Even connecting to my feelings about this “disconnection” is hard – it’s all sort of blah. Meh. I don’t feel that upset about it, or worried. I just feel sort of drowsy spiritually, drifting along somewhat aimlessly with no real plan or excitement. The one worry [...]