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The Ancient Greeks had two words for time. One was Chronos, which refers to the linear way in which we see time nowadays, measured in hours, seconds and days.  It is calendar time – how we operate every day.

The second word is Kairos. Kairos is a concept which means the right time, divine timing.

Nature runs on Kairos and your soul runs on Kairos as well. It is a time of transcendence, no expectations and love, the perfect moment, and moments of perfection. Chronos is separation and structure,Kairos is connection and boundlessness. Chronos is doing, Kairos is being.

We’ve somehow lost the balance between the two. Instead of a subtle dance between Chronos and Kairos, where our soul has time to just take a breath once in a while, our lives have turned into a military march towards ever increasing busy-ness and productivity. Chronos has taken over. Even our language today has no concept like Kairos anymore.

The Soul Time Collective is a collection of guided audio assignments to make time for our souls to breathe, to get quiet, to play more, to connect more deeply with our souls.

Start living a more fulfilled, mindful life today.

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