Melanie Britz is a keynote speaker whose passion is to help people live their best lives now. She is available for talks on various subjects, including the link between happiness and mindfulness, how to embrace your authenticity as an asset in business and in life, a unique approach to practical self-love and acceptance, and the lessons she learned about making your dreams a reality upon embarking on writing her first book. 

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Happiness Now. The Art of the Richly Textured Moment

An interactive, fun and practical talk about everyday mindfulness and what really makes us happy.

The stories of our lives are unfolding, one breath, one moment at a time. In every moment we have a choice.

We can hastily dance over the surface of it, with our focus scattered and our mind distracted, or we can immerse ourselves into the rich textures of dimension and connection the moment offers, fully experiencing it with all of our senses, letting it become expansive and in a sense, timeless…

This is a profound space where the power of Now meets the essence of happiness and fulfilment, where you can take a breath and meet up with the beauty and grace of everything and everyone around you.

In this clear space creativity and inspiration can find you and by resting here often you allow everything you desire in life and in business to catch up to you. No chasing required.

Embrace your Authenticity: being a platypus in a world full of ducks

The duckbilled platypus is one of the weirdest animals in the world. When it was first discovered, some academics actually thought that it was impossibility. They were sure that someone had taken various parts of different animals and stitched them all together as a hoax – something that was apparently prevalent at the time – sort of the Victorian version of Punk’ed.

This animal has a bill like a duck, a tail like a beaver and it lays eggs. And then it suckles its young. Except it has no nipples, the milk simply oozes from its skin.

Oh, and they are venomous too. The snake-like venom can kill a dog and will certainly ruin a human’s day.

The sheer awesomeness of this animal, for me, lies in its uncompromising uniqueness and in the way it totally and utterly refuses to get into any of the boxes we’ve created to sort our animals and do things the normal, expected way.

But what if we let the duckbilled platypus, the animal that refuses to be put into any box and just goes its own way, be our guide…

In a world full of same-looking same-quacking ducks or ducks secretly trying to be “swans”, the Hollywood celebrity version of a duck, the platypus is awesome and unique and confounding and surprising and totally unforgettable.

A lot of what is wrong with the world today is that a lot of people who aren’t ducks are disguising themselves as ducks to fit in, and then beating themselves up for not reaching that epitome of celebrity duckhood: swanhood. The most valuable currency in the world today is authenticity.

I believe that the number one driver of entrepreneurial success is the connection that is possible with your clients when you allow yourself the space to come from a place of soul-deep integrity, speaking and marketing and living your unique truth and allowing the real you to shine through.

If you can embrace this simple box-destroying truth, there is no stopping you.

Dive in and start swimming

The Odyssey Code – a universal framework to reach your highest potential

3 Women. 3 Stories. 1 incredible journey.

The Odyssey Code was developed after Alison, Abigail & Melanie realised that they had eerily similar experiences, completely independent from each other which lead to them each fulfilling some life changing ambitions.

The Path to Realizing Your Potential

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Love the one in you…

“Love the one in you who is sad. Love the one in you who is scared. Love the one in you who is angry. Love the one in you who is lonely. Love the one in you who hates herself. Love all the ones who you are, and then you will know how to love the world.”

Turning around the saying by Rupi Kaur that says”For if we can’t learn to be kinder to each other, how will we ever learn to be kinder to the most desperate parts of ourselves”, the talk centres about identifying the parts in you that you don’t always like or appreciate and learning to be kinder to them, in order to live a happier, more whole, integrated life aligned with your true purpose, and so that you can love other people.