Understand your Soul Journey

Unlock your Full Soul Potential

Are you feeling a bit lost, unaligned or unsure of your highest path or potential?

Get valuable insights and guidance on your soul’s journey and discover your unique gifts and talents!

Melanie Britz

My name is Melanie Britz and I am a Soul Journey Coach…

Soul Path Readings

Discover your Soul Destiny, worldly challenges, talents and goals. Align with your spiritual talents, challenges and goals in this life.

Akashic Records Readings

Get channeled soul journey information about your energy blocks, relationships and past lives. As a result you can get crystal clear on your purpose and next steps.

Working with your Abundance Key

Get your personal Abundance Key to unlock and align with inner and outer abundance. This lets you focus on specific practical steps and the unique energies you came to transmute, expand and explore.

A 3-step Soul Journey Coaching package can help you discover your personal roadmap for your life and career.

It’s as easy as…




Which of the 22 Energies of Creation are you focusing on in this life?

Unlock your highest potential by

  • ALIGNING to your soul destiny and goal-energy,
  • ALCHEMISING your challenge-energy, and
  • ACTIVATING your talent-energy.

Spiritual numerology

Based on the spiritual numerology of your name in Hebrew, we can get powerful insights on your soul journey, your purpose and how to achieve it.

It’s like the roadmap for your life that you never knew existed, but always needed! The insights in this report is amazing.

This is for you if you:

  • want to get a clear picture of your talents, goals and challenges
  • feel lost or unsure within your current career, job or services offered
  • need guidance on what your life purpose is
  • are going through a transition phase in your life
  • feel like you keep missing the mark somehow
  • need practical aspects to focus on for self-improvement
  • want to get into alignment so that you can overcome your limitations and manifest abundance.

Get guidance from your spirit team.

Your current life is like starting to read a thick book at chapter 33. There are:

  • characters acting strangely,
  • you have difficult to understand motivations, fears,
  • energy blocks and patterns
  • and unclear goals.

Spirit team guidance

Your spirit team / guides have read all the previous chapters and can help you to

  • RELEASE energy blocks,
  • UNDERSTAND your life purpose, and
  • HEAL limiting patterns and difficult relationships.

An Akashic reading is a free-flowing live channeled question and answer session. Because of that, it is invaluable in gaining clarity, understanding and healing.

This is for you if you:

  • have recurring limiting patterns that you can’t seem to shake off
  • want a high level overview of your next steps or path forward
  • need guidance from your spirit team
  • have challenging relationships that you want to understand better or heal
  • feel like there are energy blocks holding you back
  • need clarity on past life energy that might be affecting you in this life
  • want answers to questions about your soul purpose, path and potential.

03. Your Abundance Key

Get your own PERSONAL Abundance Key.

Working with the challenge energies in your creation energy DNA successfully is like creating the perfectly shaped parts of a key.

Some parts of the key will already be working, others not.

Following your Soul Path session you will get your own Abundance Key based on what we discussed.

Unlock inner and outer abundance

Getting this Abundance Key will therefore allow you to unlock specific “pins” or “tumblers” in your life so that the door to inner and outer abundance will open.

Then you can focus on the specific parts of your key where the pins or tumblers of your life are not yet in the right position, and watch the magic unfold!

Example of an Abundance key

Understand your unique spiritual journey and life purpose

Are you ready to step into the Full Potential of Your Soul with a Transformational journey?

What Melanie’s clients are saying…

Vivienne Hanmer

It is difficult to put into words just how MIND-BLOWING my Soul Path reading with Melanie was. I have always had an idea of what my life purpose is, but this reading gave me insight as to where I should direct my focus.

Stuck, unfocussed, in denial

Of course, we all love to hear the positive attributes that we are capable of, but not so much the negative attributes that are holding us back. What I really loved about this reading is that the negative attributes showed me where I was STUCK, UNFOCUSSED, and IN DENIAL…

Action steps

…and what I need to do to move into my space of fulfilment of my dreams and goals, both worldly and spiritually.


Melanie gave wonderful advice on how to move from the negative into the positive to achieve balance in my life and feel fulfilled and successful in what I do. I would recommend this reading to everyone, but especially to those who are unsure of what direction they should take in life.

– Vivienne Hanmer

Vivienne Hanmer, Vivienne Hanmer
Aneta Radzikowska

I had an INCREDIBLE Akashic reading with Melanie…


…which allowed me to view my past lives and heal any traumas that still had an effect on my current life.


She is very GIFTED and intuitive and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

– Aneta Radzikowska

Aneta Radzikowska
Rose McClement

The words Soul Path Reading can feel quite ethereal and mythical. It has in the past for me.

Mirror image of myself

Yet the Soul Path Reading that Melanie did for me made the seeming ‘abstract’ into a ‘tangible’ person.  Namely Me! At 69 years of age, having lived through a great portion of my Soul Path, it was like STANDING IN FRONT OF A MIRROR IMAGE OF MYSELF.


The ACCURACY was impressive in both the positive and the negative aspects of my ‘Worldly & Spiritual “ life to date.  I saw myself so clearly in those attributes of the numbers that came forth.


The most ASTOUNDING thing for me is that I caught glimpses of how many of the lessons are already integrating and the exciting prospect is, that despite being 69, there is still more of the path to experience.


One thing that I noted in particular was this – until a year or two ago, I did not always respond well to any negative aspects of my personality being outlined or brought into the fore.  I was so hooked on judging those as ‘ bad’ that it became more of an obstacle, instead of a hurdle to jump and integrate.  Today I can read about the negative aspects with respect for the fact that I am being created into a whole being, transmuting the shadow so that the whole can be awesome. Being a Libra I look forward to deriving more guidance from this reading moving towards the goal of the union of opposites.

– Rose McClement

Rose McClement
Sonja Nell

My Akashic reading with Melanie was absolutely MIND-BLOWING.


She is very connected to Spirit and I was able to get insight on all of my questions that I’ve had for such a long time.


Her insights resonated as truth with me and as a result I have been able to PROGRESS in an area of my life that has been sick for a while.


The reading was INVALUABLE to me.

– Sonja Nell

Sonja Nell
Gerda Bruwer

Doubting yourself

If you need CONFIRMATION to own up to what has been “calling” you for years, but you keep DOUBTING YOURSELF, do an Akashic reading with Melanie.


You will finally have “permission” to follow your instincts.

– Gerda Bruwer

Gerda Bruwer

What type of reading should you choose?

A reading of your Akashic records can provide valuable insights and guidance to help you discover your true purpose and fulfill your potential.

  • With an Akashic reading your can gain a deeper understanding of your soul’s journey and receive guidance on your relationships, career and personal growth.

  • If you struggle with negative patterns or unresolved issues from your path, an Akashic reading can provide the healing and clarity you need to move forward.

  • During a reading you can receive guidance on how to release old baggage and move towards a more positive, fulfilling future. Don’t let the past hold you back any longer.

A Soul Path reading can help you to deepen your spiritual connection and understanding, and enhance your spiritual growth.

  • Get clarity on your unique gifts and talents and your place in the world.

  • Receive guidance on how to align with your highest purpose and live a more fulfilling, meaningful life.

  • Take your spiritual journey, life and business to the next level.

Why book a Combo reading?

It’s like using a wide-angle lens on your life and your soul – you simply SEE MORE!

  • Save money by booking both an Akashic records reading and a Soul Path reading at the same time!

  • With an Akashic records reading you get free-flowing channeled advice, guidance and information that is beyond a structured reading.

  • However, you also get profound structured insight in your soul’s energetic DNA that will allow you to align to your highest potential much easier with a Soul Path reading.

  • As a result, doing both readings is like using a wide-angled lens to take a photo. You get a much wider, more complete view of the subject (you!).

  • The two readings offer different information and perspectives, that COMBINED is both powerful and lifechanging!

  • Book an intensive 3,5 hour double reading where we do both at the same time, or simply book two separate readings using the individual Akashic records (2 hours) and Soul path reading (1:30 hour) tabs on the Bookings page.

Pricing information

Reading type Price (International) Price (SA clients) Details
Akashic Records Reading (full) US$ 105 ZAR 1500 1:30-2:00 hours via Zoom, full reading.
Soul Path Reading (plus report) US$ 105 ZAR 1500 1:30 hours via Zoom

(plus emailed Report & Abundance key)

Soul Coaching Combo US$ 199 ZAR 2500 Akashic Records AND Soul Path Reading (plus emailed Report & Abundance key)

One session: 3:30 hours via Zoom or

book 2 separate sessions!

Akashic Records Mini reading US$35 ZAR 500 Ask just one question – mini reading, 20-30 minutes via Zoom
Soul Path report (report only) US$35 ZAR 500 You receive an Emailed Soul Path report with an explanation of the numbers.
No reading.

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