Melanie Britz Soul Journey Healer and Guide

Heal your Energy blocks and Sabotage patterns within the Akashic Records
Understand your bigger Soul Journey and how past (actually concurrent lifetimes) are affecting this one
Activate your Soul Gifts and step into your Life Purpose
Get guidance and information from your Spirit team and Higher self

Melanie Britz
Melanie Britz
Melanie Britz
Melanie Britz

Work with Melanie and the Akashic Records. Step into your full Soul Potential

Join a 6 weeks journey through your Akashic records

Introduction. What are the Akashic records, how do we use them and access them. Practice opening them for the first time.

Which past/concurrent life has the biggest negative impact on your life right now? Access it and release the energy blockages.

Understanding the origins and dynamics of a difficult relationship with another soul in your life better and use the Records to heal it.

Ancestral karma or energy: how it shows up and why. Heal yours for your whole family.

Self-sabotage patterns. How energy patterns work across lifetimes and how to release and dissolve it in the Records.

Powerloss and reclamation. Working with energy within the Akashic records to step into your full soul power.

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I can dream wonders into beautiful reality

Melanie explains how to heal using the Akashic Records

I dance joyously and unselfconsciously as we create MAGIC together, life and I