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Sonja Nell

My Akashic reading with Melanie was absolutely MIND-BLOWING. She is very connected to spirit and I was able to get insight on all my questions that I’ve had for such a long time.

Her insights resonated as truth with me and as a result I have been able to progress in an area of my life that have been sick for a while.

The reading was INVALUABLE to me and I am forever grateful to Melanie! I recommend her without any hesitation and I know she can help so many people!”

Sonja Nell, Success Coach at Inspired Lives
We were lucky to have Melanie Britz as a guest speaker at The Avontuur Estate Restaurant recently. Her topic ‘on Embracing your authenticity: Being a Platypus in a world full of ducks’ was thought provoking and heartfelt. The audience loved her informal style and easy laugh and left feeling uplifted and inspired.
Zunia Boucher-Meyers, Chef/Co-Owner at Avontuur Restaurant
Di Atherton

“My Akashic reading with Melanie was INSIGHTFUL and PROFOUND. I liked the way she explained exactly what the Akashic records are and how the process works before we started.

It answered a lot of questions I had about my current situation.

I still go back and refer to it. Highly recommended!”

Di Atherton, Personal growth specialist; Retreat Facilitator; Mentor; Writer
Dawid Dorfling
Melanie is a dynamic speaker, personal coach and a brilliant writer. Her method of working is exceptional. Interviewing her for our magazine was a true pleasure. I can not wait to see what Melanie will achieve in the future.
Dawid Dorfling, Editor at Trading & Entrepreneur Magazine, Radio Host at LifeFM KZN and Partner at EventX
Nina Hill
Melanie’s book Dive In has tips that are life changing. I have watched her put these tips into practice and dramatically change her life. Worth the read!
Nina Hill, Business Development Coach | Global Leader | Trainer | Wellness Ambassador
Gwen Serotti
Melanie was invited to be a Guest Speaker at our various Networking Chapters. She delivered inspiring talks that engaged the audience. She can speak on many different topics that will leave the audience inspired.
Gwen Serotti, Founder of Xtraordinary Women | Networker | Community Builder | Online Networking Strategist
Alison Deary
Having known Melanie for a good couple of years and followed her journey, I can truly say that this is one dynamite woman! She has developed a deep deep understanding of what she is now teaching, through her own experiences, research and through helping others. Keep shining Your light Melanie, the world needs more people like you.
Alison Deary, Diary and Journal Specialist
There’s something really mystical and wise about Melanie. She brings with her an energy of quiet confidence and insight. I’ve worked with Melanie on some big projects and she’s got that rare talent of seeing the big picture and reverse engineering the methodical steps to get there. She’s knowledgable and insightful and is always willing to offer a caring presence.
Abigail Klopper, Women’s Personal Brand Photographer & Videographer, & Founder of Cafinnate Academy
For those of you who have not yet started the 33-day I-can manifest challenge, I highly recommend it. Melanie has a way with words that just makes sense!! Thoroughly enjoying the way this is changing my money mindset every day!
Bronwyn McKay, Sales and Marketing Manager | Business owner
Liesl van der Hoven
In Dive In, through sharing some intensely personal experiences, Melanie takes us on a journey through her life and her personal growth and development in coping with what happened to her. The book is set in South Africa and spans the period between the mid 1990’s and present time. As a fellow South African, I found it easy to relate to Melanie and her experiences, but her message is universal and I do think anyone, anywhere in the world, would enjoy reading this book. A truly uplifting book that I will be returning to again and again.
Liesl van der Hoven, Artist, author, children’s yoga and meditation teacher at Here, your Heart | Teacher at Insight Timer
Online book club
Dive In, by Melanie Britz, is a kind and compassionate book about unlocking the best and truest self in all of us. Written as a letter to her 20-year-old self, each chapter explores a different tool for spiritual health and healing, often in the context of the author’s experiences. Dive In is honestly and thoughtfully written, introducing the reader to a broad range of spiritual practices and psychological techniques. Dealing with topics ranging from mental health to body image to overcoming tragedy, Dive In is an accessible introduction to a variety of coping mechanisms that any reader will be able to find value in. I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars.
Online Book club, Online Book club

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