When is it being held?

Firstly, it is a three-hour workshop being held in Somerset West, on January 16, from 14:00 to 17:00. You can book by emailing [email protected] Cost per person: R250.



What is a time-travel workshop exactly?

The American physicist John Wheeler once said that time is what stops everything from happening at once.

We experience time flowing in a pretty linear, ordered fashion, only in one direction, likened often like a river flowing past from one side to the other, only ever able to touch the part that is right here. We experience time like this because of how we evolved, and learned to survive as humans, and also because of the ordered nature of the Big bang the fact that there is a higher statistical likelihood of things going from ordered states into disordered states. It is all very confusing and complicated.

But time actually does not exist on its own but forms part of a four-dimensional grid of space-time. And space-time looks more like a 4dimensional map than the river we often imagine it to be. And just like New York, Paris, Cape Town and Rome are all locations on a normal map, the big bang, the birth of the Earth and the end of the universe are all locations on the 4dimensional map of space-time.

Along with all of the events of our lives.

Imagine it like this, if time is a lake filled with water, you can never specify exactly what part of the water you are touching and engaging with because it is is all connected and all part of the fabric of the lake.

Now according to Einstein, this means that the past, present and the future all exist simultaneously. Einstein called the distinction between past, present and future only a stubbornly persistent illusion.

There is some cool scientific research which proves this theory and has given rise to the notion that the universe exists in some vast “here” where here represent all points of space and time at a single instant.

The Americans did all sort of cool experiments on this in the 1970’s involving remote viewing and precognitive perception, as did the Russians. What is amazing is that not only did these studies show that this was indeed possible, but they also found that some of these remote viewers were actually travelling in time and then further studies proved that you could actually physically change events in the past.

All subatomic particles exist in a state of all potential unless observed. When one electron juggles a bit, it sends out radiating waves into both the past and the future.

What this means is that science is telling us that we are connected in a very real way to both our past and our future.

I discovered the practical implications of this by accident.

I wrote a book called Dive in – Unlocking happiness and miracles which in effect was a yearlong intensive conversation that I had with my 20-year old self.

In the process of writing this book, I somehow travelled back into my past and connected with my younger self in a way that was way more than just a literary device. There was a very real healing and exchange of information/energy happening.

During this time, I also travelled into my future and foresaw events that actually came to pass.

This process has changed my life and what I just told you about the nature of time is a result of the research I did afterwards to try and understand exactly what had happened.

And this very healing, very powerful process is what I am here to teach you at the workshop.

How does this help you?

We all have events in our past that caused us feelings of pain, shame, disappointment, anger and disillusion. These events were stored as emotional and energetic transcripts in the Akasha (which is basically just an energetic record of all that has ever happened).

Imagine your life as a vinyl record and the current moment you are perceiving is the stylus needle of the record player moving forward in its groove. Disharmonies of the past show up like a bump or scratch on the record’s surface which will cause the needle to jump or play discordant notes whenever it hits the bump or scratch again.

In the same way, you often bump up against unresolved issues of the past again, because they are not really in the past, but they exist energetically connected to you in the quantum field. They still affect your present self energetically.

If you can travel “back” in time and smooth out the bumps, the notes of the song you are playing in the present will be purer and clearer and better reflective of the song you are meant to be playing.

What will you learn about creating the future?

Quantum physics tell us that subatomic particles are not solid little objects, but vibrating packets of energy that can behave at times like waves and at times like particles. And consciousness affects these packets of energy. Once they are observed or measured in some way the particle, that existed in a state of all possibilities, collapses into a set entity. Human consciousness is the organising principle.

At any point in the present, the future exists side by side in a state of all possibilities, and some of these are more likely than others, so let’s call them probabilities.

By mindfully and consciously going into a specific possible future that is for your highest good and actively engaging with it, you collapse the particles into specifics and actually make it happen.

The last part of the workshop will be to practice this very powerful visioning technique.

In short

Along the journey of writing my book, I learned some important and very useful stuff…
• about how Time really works,
• about the amazing power of energetically healing your past
• and actively, almost magically choosing your future from the probabilities that exist…

I’ve been feeling called upon to help teach this for a while now, so that others can benefit from these techniques I discovered, almost by accident (not that I really believe it was an accident).

January is a good time of the year for it, I think. A time of introspection and of taking your future by the horns. A new beginning.

I hope to see you there!

Much love to you always.