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I'm Melanie

I am a Soul Journey Coach, author, meditation and mindfulness teacher, course creator, seeker and specialist energy guide and facilitator who has helped thousands of people unlock their soul potential.

I am the creator of the popular 33-day I CAN Manifest course on the international app Insight Timer, and a self-paced Practical Mindfulness for Business course that was included in the Udemy business catalogue (used by hundreds of global companies to upskill their employees).

I am also bringing to life the unique Align Intensive process which uses a combination intuitive information from the Akashic records and the ancient wisdom of your unique creation DNA energy strands to develop an empowering personal, career, relationship and abundance "soulprint" to reach your highest potential.

How it all started...

In 2016 and 2017 I published two books:

Dive in– a self-help memoir traveling back in time to help my 20-year old self, and a year later, Fabulous 365– a collection of 365 daily affirmations.

Things just developed from there as I stepped into my Soul destiny more and more...

My Soul Path energy includes a 5-5 Spiritual goal and a 6-6 Soul Destiny, which means that I am here to be a highly creative bridge between the spiritual and physical realms and be a courageous pioneer bringing forth inspired material from intuitive sources.

Get results like these

I had an INCREDIBLE session with Melanie

which allowed me to view my past lives and heal any traumas that still had an effect on my current life. She is very GIFTED and intuitive and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

– Aneta Radzikowska

If you need CONFIRMATION to own up to what has been “calling” you for years, but you keep DOUBTING YOURSELF, do a session with Melanie.

You will finally have “permission” to follow your instincts.

Gerda Bruwer

Melanie gave wonderful advice on how to move from the negative into the positive to achieve balance in my life and feel fulfilled and successful in what I do. I would recommend it to everyone, but especially to those who are unsure of what direction they should take in life.

Vivienne Hanmer

Some fun facts about me...

My favourite animal is the duck-billed platypus because it so unapologetically embraces its weirdness and authenticity. I got into an argument with my first grade teacher about the platypus on my first day of school because she told us that mammals don't lay eggs.

I dream of slow-walking the Camino de Santiago from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela and am doing it soon. :)

I learned how to read Hebrew because my guides wanted me to understand the ancient wisdom of Soul Path energy. They only revealed why I was doing it six months into the process though.

My all-time favourite meditation is one I created for Insight Timer. It is free on the app. It is based on the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku or forest bathing and it is called Walking with Trees.

I believe cooking soup is an ancient form of earth magic. Making soup is one of my most grounding, calming activities.

My first word wasn't Mama or Papa. It was "Buite" which means Outside in Afrikaans. I was a nature girl right from the get-go. I still am.


Get basic information on your Worldly and Spiritual goals, challenges and talents and your Soul Purpose!

Discover your Soul Path

When you understand your specific SOUL PATH you can:

  • effectively overcome challenges and obstacles,

  • find greater satisfaction and meaning in life

  • ,align with inner and outer abundance

  • and fulfil your true Soul potential.

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