Sometimes I feel like a burial ground for untold stories. Great stories, interesting stories, crazy stories… that I tell no one because I fear that people would think me crazy, or weird, or too out there, or wouldn’t find it as interesting.

First a confession

Let me make this confession first.

Two worlds

Two worlds

I live in two worlds, one the world in which you know me, the girl (or woman now although I still feel like a girl) who loves to make soup, have deep discussions, hang out with my friends and walk (or run depending on my fitness level at the time) in the forests or mountains. The (mostly) normal, but slightly weird one, that might seem a bit distant, distracted at times. This two lives thing does spill over a little bit, I realise.

But there is another world, a spiritual, esoteric world, and for years now I’ve been living with one foot in both. This is a world of strange energetic experiences, spirit guides, astral realms, sudden ‘knowings’, angels, dragons, soul healings, signs and synchronicities and cosmic awakenings. And sometimes, just sometimes, this world spills over into the normal world and makes a real impact on the lives of people around me or the stuff that I create.

But even when it does, I rarely tell people the full story of what really happened. And then only very certain special people, sometimes.

Most often, I just keep these to myself, buried deep within, and to look at me you would never know that my world has so many layers, so many tales, so many facets. A burial ground of untold stories, as I said.

And maybe, going forward, I don’t want that to be the case anymore…

An adventure worth telling

So, I would like to tell you a story, about a journey into the Energy of Abundance, a journey that has taken me all around the world and is still continuing. Where it will end I don’t know, although I get glimpses. But it is an adventure worth telling.

It started during the lockdown, you see. Like most of you, I spent a few days getting to grips with the new restrictions on my movement. I watched some Netflix, read a few books, created a quick course to help fellow entrepreneurs put their courses online, and longingly watched the sunset every day over my back-garden wall…

Lockdown medicine – watching the sunset over my garden wall each night

Then the guidance and inspiration for these cards started coming through. In meditations, in dreams, in unguarded moments cooking or cleaning or just drowsily watching the sunlight play hopscotch on the curtains in the morning.

The beginning

A card deck wanting to be born – in fact more. It is a diagnostic tool, to help you figure out where the blocks to you living your most abundant life lay, based on the energetic signatures and all the different facets of abundance.

I spent some time working out the best way to translate the energy of the cards that started coming through visually. Thankfully, these cards were polite enough to wait until I was done with the previous one before the next one came knocking. Putting down in writing their channelled meanings were probably the simplest part of the process. Knocking them out one by one. An enjoyable creative process enriching my lockdown days.

And then when I got to about nr 10 things got really interesting. You see, I’ve known for years that part of my life purpose is that I am supposed to work with power places on earth in some way, activating them or making their energy accessible or harnessing it somehow.

Arguing with my guides

At the same time that the cards were coming through, my guides really started emphasising how I am needing to do this. Like right NOW.

We had these funny little arguments where they would go: “You need to do this.”, and I’d say, “Of course, but it’s a pandemic, all borders are closed. I can’t travel right now. And by the way, I don’t have an income right now too, so… as soon as the borders open and you send me the money I’m there like a bear.”

Garden wall sunset

Another garden wall sunset

A few days later. “You need to do this!” And me: “I would freaking love to travel right now, you know I would, but I can’t even leave the yard to exercise. I’m locked down, didn’t you notice?”

A week later. “You need to do this!!” Me: “Are you kidding me right now? What part of a global pandemic, no travel allowed anywhere do you not get?”

The lightbulb moment

Until one day, I was drawing a card of the day for the people on my Soul messages Facebook page. Short backstory on this, at the beginning of lockdown I felt guided to start drawing a card with guidance for that day, my way of supporting everyone in this difficult time. So, I was doing this and as I was looking at the card I’d drawn, it suddenly hit me.

I was looking at the deck you see. It is called the Earth Power oracle. Another back story…

A side trip to Bothasig

Another Constanta picture

The Constantia flower picture

Back in the old days, you know way back when in 2019, when we were still doing events, I used to do these monthly meditative walks for women all around Cape Town. One sunny Saturday I was out in Constantia, scouting a route for one of these walks and as I opened up my Facebook to post a picture I had taken of a flower or a tree or something (as I am wont to do), this event popped up: a holistic fayre in Bothasig, from 10 to 2. It was already like 12. For some reason, I felt really drawn to go. Like really drawn…

out in constantia, taking pictures

Out in Constantia, taking pictures and wanting to post them to Facebook


Since I started living my life by following the guidance from my guides and higher self, even though it sometimes seems crazy, I do try to pay attention to these feelings. So, when I finished my walk, I drove an extra hour out of my way instead of back home and popped into this small holistic fayre held in a nondescript community hall there.

A malfunctioning machine

There were some readers doing card readings, tables with incense and vegan food and the normal stuff you find at these events, and a lady selling Tarot and oracle cards, with a few books as well, at the back end. I walked once around the hall, looking at everything and asking my guides “Okay so why am I here? Do tell”. And the only thing in that entire place that jumped out at me was this single Oracle card deck called the Earth Power oracle. So, I went to buy it, but the card machine wouldn’t work. I didn’t plan on coming to this thing in the first place, so I had no cash on me beyond my last R10 or R20 which I had just spent getting into the fayre.

But by some weird means, which eventually involved me doing an immediate EFT into the ladies’ bank account from my phone and her then putting the cash that she had in her handbag (which was literally just enough) into the company’s cash box, the deck became mine.

Earth power oracle

The Earth Power Oracle, an important clue in the unfolding journey

Back to the penny finally dropping

It is a pretty unique deck because it features 41 places of power on Earth, giving descriptions and symbolism (so you could use it as an Oracle card deck).

Given my earth energy calling, I loved it. But beyond that awesomeness, it also introduced me to a method of meditation and connection, which involved using the GPS co-ordinates to access these places non-physically. After getting the deck, I did a few of these meditations as I felt guided to do. I was amazed that I could feel the energy around me in my room change when I connected with them.

(Because I can feel the energy, I can actually tell when I am connected or when energy starts shifting, which is probably some special design feature to enable me to do this type of work. It also makes for sleepless nights during full moons and being dizzy and uncomfortable when the Schumann resonance goes crazy, so there’s that too. It’s not all fun and games.)

Anyway, here I am staring at this card many months later and looking at the GPS co-ordinates in the guidebook and the penny drops. The lightbulb goes on. The aha-moment happens. I finally get it.

I don’t need to go to these places physically (although it would be so awesome – ‘You listening there, Universe?’). I can connect using these cards’ method…

The heavenly choir sings

An angel choir starts with a loud and heartfelt Hallelujah and my spirit guides heave a huge sigh of relief and goes: “Yep, that took you long enough, didn’t it? Try and pay more attention please, we don’t have all year!”

I said somewhat sulkily, “Okay, okay I get it.” and then “Where do you want me to go?”

The Cosmic Dancer card

The Cosmic Dancer card

Turns out the answer to that, the place linked to that very first card, which is called, by the way, The Cosmic Dancer, was a place I’d never even heard of… called the Rainbow bridge in Arizona.

And I was definitely not prepared for what happened when I went there.

(To be continued in Chapter 2: Humming right into your very soul).