Akashic Records readings

Heal your energy blocks and sabotage patterns with an Akashic Records reading.

Understand your bigger Soul Journey and purpose.

Get guidance and information from your Spirit team and Higher self.

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Akashic Records Reading

What are the Akashic records?

Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “ether” or “primary substance“.

The Akashic Records is the energetic imprint of everything that has ever been and ever will be.

It records every vibration, every thought, every decision, every action…

The Akashic Records allows us to access our soul’s wisdom and journey.

How can a reading of my Akashic records help me?

Imagine that your current life is like starting to read a thick book on chapter 33

Some of the other characters are acting strangely.

You, yourself have some fears, patterns and self-sabotage that don’t make sense.

Some of your motivations are obscure and you don’t know your purpose or gifts.

In the records, we can’t go and read all of the past 32 chapters (past, or rather concurrent lives).

We can however, get a loving “book report” from your higher self and guides, explaining some of the themes, soul history and challenges, especially the ones your soul are ready to step into, release or understand better right now.

Healing within the Records

There are three levels of healing within the Akashic Records.

On one level there is a powerful transfer of information and understanding.

A second level is an energetic healing component that is sometimes indicated, where we work on energy blocks, soul relationships etc. while the records are open.

We sometimes work within a Circle of Light, which comprises of your loved ones, guides, high vibrational beings.

Sometimes you are asked to go back into a past life and change the energy to heal a block.

The third level of healing, however is the gentle healing vibration of the Records themselves.

A High vibrational healing space

Your soul is like this exquisite chandelier that has gotten a little dusty… Maybe there are a few cobwebs in places.

Sitting with the high vibes of the Akashic records open is like experiencing a gentle earthquake, softly shaking the dust and cobwebs off, like housekeeping for your soul.

This beautiful third level of healing is accessed beyond any information transferred, and beyond any specific healing that may take place.

We could sit with your records open for an hour, not say anything and this third level of healing will be taking place in the background.

An archive of your Soul’s wisdom

We can connect to this archive of your soul wisdom and ask questions of it, get guidance from it.

We can peel back the old stories, old blocks and patterns that are keeping you from wholeness, enoughness, completeness, unconditional love and oneness.

It allows us to heal old patterns, energy imprints and programming.

We can also get information about why your soul chose this body, this lifetime, these challenges.

Akashic library

In this new understanding, new possibilities are born…

  • You can be anywhere in the world
  • 1:30 to 2:00 hours long
  • Get a Zoom link after your booking is confirmed
  • R1 500 per session / US$105 per session, paid via EFT, Payfast or Paypal

Some previous clients explain…

Hayley Page-Smith shares more about her Akashic reading.

Manisha Ramdhin talks about her experience.

A reading of your Akashic records can provide valuable insights and guidance to help you discover your true purpose and fulfill your potential!

  • With an Akashic reading your can gain a deeper understanding of your soul’s journey and receive guidance on your relationships, career and personal growth

  • If you struggle with negative patterns or unresolved issues from your path, an Akashic reading can provide the healing and clarity you need to move forward.

  • During a reading you can receive guidance on how to release old baggage and move towards a more positive, fulfilling future. Don’t let the past hold you back any longer.