Triple your Manifestation Speed, Power and Effectiveness with this 6-week Align Intensive


  1. You are a unique energy ecosystem.

Because of this, not all manifestation methods and approaches will work for you.

Manifestation is not a one-size-fits-all thing.

  1. Your most successful approach, practices and steps will be a combination as unique as You, adapted specifically for You.

  1. Most Manifestation approaches like the Law of Attraction focus almost exclusively on the Mental level and miss out on the other three crucial parts of the Reality Creation Pyramid.

  1. How the energy flows in your body is fundamental towards making your intentions a reality.

Figuring out your energy ecosystem and how to WORK WITH it, in ALIGNMENT with your soul goals and optimizing each of the four levels of reality-creation is the key to 3x Faster and Easier manifestations!

What does Manifestation

'Mis-Alignment' look like?

• Your intentional manifestations are slow and hit and miss - sometimes they don't even show up at all.

• Your body is filled with assorted aches and pains and even dis-ease.

• You feel tired and frustrated most of the time.

• Your negative, non-optimal thoughts and beliefs push you off course regularly.

• You feel out of flow and off-course in your life.

• Your dominant energy is frustration, impatience and feeling stuck.

But what if things could be different?

• What if you could finally step into your birthright as an Intentional, Powerful, Conscious Reality Creator?

• How would it feel if you could start each day feeling energised, healthy and filled with vitality and inspiration?

• How amazing would it be if your mind was mostly filled with ease, trust and gratitude?

• What could you do if you knew how to Master all the levels of Reality Creation and you could practice mastery this daily?

• What would be possible if your dominant energy was feeling overjoyed and excited?

Master the Four levels of the Reality Creation Pyramid

To manifest an intention or reality into the physical realm the energy passes through four different levels that need to be mastered.

Soul destiny level - Your intention’s alignment or non-alignment with your soul purpose/goals

If your intention is in line with your Soul purpose, things will click into place with universal assistance which will kick in. If not, your higher self will either start creating obstacles or just won’t provide help.

Mental level - Your mindset, beliefs, assumptions, expectations

This is the level where most of our manifestation work, like the Law of Attraction practices, takes place. Our mental beliefs, whether conscious, unconscious or sub-conscious can disperse intention/manifestation energy.

Connection level - Your connection patterns with yourself, others and the Universe/God/The Great Spirit in the Sky (however you define this)

How you do one thing is how you do everything. How you connect to others and yourself also predicts your relationship with the Universe that is manifesting your intention.

Physical/body level - Your physical body and how energy flows within it

The level where our manifestations often fail. The energy of our manifestations flows through the other levels but needs to be grounded and embodied in our physical bodies. Our body and our energy flow are our interface with reality creation.

This also means that you have to master your own unique energy system...

The moment I discovered this secret to life, the Universe and manifestation...

October 2018. A group of friends and I go on a 10k hike next to the Palmiet river. At one point we stop for lunch and a swim. The water is flowing strongly due to recent rains in the mountains.

I will never forget the magical feeling when I get to the deep water in the middle of the river and it suddenly grabs hold of me and just starts sweeping me along, downstream. Gasping in surprise I throw my arms out, let go and enjoy the ride. (My friend Kelly takes a photo at that exact moment).

I am suddenly freed from the struggles to get to this place and even the need to hold myself up against gravity. I am weightless, effortlessly in flow with nature and the Universe, suspended gracefully between the blue sky and the dark water. Exhilarated and breathless, I am surrendered to the power of something much more powerful than me.

We become one, the river and I, and for a while there I know down to my deepest being what total happiness and freedom and ease feels like...

I wanted that moment to last forever.

That feeling, when life suddenly starts propelling you towards your destiny and your dreams, is what happens when we Align with our soul purpose and the four levels of reality-creation all click into place.

The Universal river of energy grabs hold of us and suddenly progress and manifestation become magical, effortless, and exhilarating beyond belief.

And that is why I’m so excited to introduce:

The 6-week Align Intensive!

Alignment is the key to allowing life to express itself gracefully and powerfully through you.

Create a path of effortless flow, where you step fully into your soul purpose and into the gifts you came here to express.

Unlock abundance, amazing relationships, a meaningful career or inspiring activities that are all on point with why your soul chose to be here now.

Your highest life potential, your soul's most magnificent expression is within reach...

Here’s what you’ll get when you jump into this river of activation, empowerment and transformation:


A Soul Journey Energy Clarity reading recording from me

First, we need clarity on your unique energy ecosystem. We look at your Soul Path chart, Akashic records, past lives impacts etc.

Value: $222


The Reality Creation pyramid and You

Understanding how the different levels work, where you are personally getting stuck and the keys to mastering and aligning your energy correctly.

Value: $24


Your Body, Connection and Mental energy flows and defaults

Over the next three weeks we explore your unique default energy paths and patterns on the body, mental and connection levels.

Value: $333


A beautiful workbook

A resource and roadmap along your six-week journey, this lovingly crafted workbook is interactive and something to refer back to in future.

Value: $35


Lots of energy healing sessions

Including a Soul Story Rescripting, a Chakra activation session, Circle of light healing in the Akashic records and others.

Value: $267


Integration/Soul destiny 1-on-1 session with me

Pulling it all together so that you can integrate all that you learned and looking at the future, and your daily habits for alignment.

Value: $222

A total value of: (Amount)

Buy/Enroll/Join now for just (Amount)

A total value of: $1103

Enroll for just $458

Align Course contents

  • Introduction

    Welcome to the Course

    Before you Start Check-in Questionnaire

  • Understanding your Energy System - An introduction

    Resources and Practicalities

    Introduction to the Numbers - The Basics

    Your mechanism(s) of Soul Learning

  • The Reality Creation Pyramid

    Understanding the Four levels of the Reality Creation Pyramid

    The four levels of Soul according to the Zohar


  • Body Alignment

    Understanding your Chakra System

    How to Activate, Strengthen and Expand your Energy centers

    Using the language of the Chakras as Building blocks for Embodiment

    Identifying your Unique Body Energy Flows

    Daily actions to align with your Soul Path embodiment

    Soul Body Fusion Session

  • Relationship/Connection level

    Download the Second part of your Workbook

    How you do one thing is how you do everything - identifying your patterns

    The five most common pattern groupings

    Three way mirror reflection

    Circle of Light healing

    Leaning into the Discomforts

  • Mental Alignment

    Identifying your Mental distortion patterns

    Ego wounding, trauma and how external limiting patterns get internalized

    Daily mental hygiene, mindfulness and awareness

    Soul Story Rescripting: the Process

  • Aligning with your Soul Destiny and Life Purpose

    Download the last part of your Workbook

    Booking your Soul Destiny Integration session with Melanie

    Your Life Purpose and the Talents you need to activate

    Soul Purpose Recipe Bingo card

  • Integration

    Recap: Are you using your Tools effectively?

    The Acorn Tree Axis

    Tips for working the Numbers

    The Voices of our Different Souls - meditation

  • Final Check-in and More resources for you

    Final Align Check-in Questionnaire

    Going beyond - More resources and support

A Beautiful 38-page Workbook to keep as reference

8+ hours of Video lessons...
Energy healing practices and guided mediations...
  • Lots of practical steps to take you closer to alignment and reaching your dreams

  • Introspective exercises and journaling to create more awareness

  • Embodiment practices for all the levels...

  • Ancient wisdom, practical psychology, neuro-science and quantum theory combine to give you the keys to unlock your highest potential!

Calibrate your four levels of soul manifestation!

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