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Leylines, power vortexes, an Akashic records channeling

November 24, 20231 min read

 "Those buildings can tap into this energy under the vortexes or ley lines better so there's less distortion, because the design of the building reflects the oscillation of the energy better and so you have certain places like cathedrals or things that are built using sacred geometry using mathematical ratios and things like that and specific geometric shapes that vibrate in tune with the energy better. That can that mean that the building is more effective in utilizing this energy."


I did an Akashic records channeling asking all the questions I have always wondered about with regards to leylines, power vortexes and earth energy.

Leylines, power vortexes and sacred geometry

Some of the questions asked and answered in this video:

  1. What are ley lines?

  2. How does the tectonic plates and earthquakes affect things?

  3. What is the earth's energy grid and how does it work?

  4. What are vortexes?

  5. Where does the energy come from?

  6. Why are so many churches and other buildings built on ley lines?

  7. How does it entrain your energy when you get close to a ley line?

  8. How can we use ley line energy?

  1. What are grid keepers?

  2. What are dragon lines?

  3. What are song lines in the Aboriginal tradition and how does it differ from ley lines?

  4. Why is there an influx of energy being blasted through the ley lines currently?

Check out the video here

What did you think? Was the information that came through interesting or surprising to you?

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Melanie Britz is a Soul Journey coach, author and specialist energy facilitator.

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