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Moses can help you discover your soul’s purpose

November 23, 20232 min read

Did you know that Moses, can help YOU discover your soul’s purpose?

Yes, Moses, the same legendary prophet figure that according to the stories parted the Red sea, encountered the burning bush and led the Israelites to the Promised land…

Sounds farfetched, but here’s how.

Moses can help you discover your Soul purpose

Book of Creation

 An ancient mystic Jewish text, called the Sefer Yetsirah or Book of Creation, is attributed to the knowledge that Moses gained on Mount Sinai.

This mystic Kabbalistic text provides an overview of cosmology, creation, and divine principles.

Inside, the author describes the world’s creation. It deals with the concept of creation through language and the divine power of the Hebrew alphabet.

The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet are the 22 individual building blocks of creation, embodying the divine principles and forces that govern the universe.

Reality Creation - Sefer Yetsirah

The Hebrew Alphabet is special

In 2019/20 I was working with a Jewish client, reading his Akashic records.

During some of his sessions, we received channelled information that there was something very special and significant about the Hebrew alphabet.  It represents codes of some sort in certain combinations, books and texts.

Insights about your life purpose

At the end of 2022, I stumbled upon a powerful method of reading your soul energies. You use the principles of the Sefer Yetsirah and the sounds and numerology attached to the Hebrew alphabet (or Aleph bet as it is called).

Hebrew alphabet

After this discovery, I suddenly understood why my guides throughout 2022 had been pushing me to learn Hebrew. This, even though there was no practical reason at the time.

Turns out that your name (translated into the phonetic equivalent in Hebrew) can be used to calculate various numerological values. These numbers (linked to the letters) are then interpreted to reveal insights about your life purpose.

Discover more about your soul energies

You can learn more about your:

• worldly challenges, talents and goals

• spiritual challenges, talents and goals

• soul destiny,

• dominant vibration (if any).


And this information is mind-blowingly accurate. I’ve tested it with many different clients and jaws drop every single time.

What I love about it is that by understanding and aligning with your specific life path and soul plan and the specific energies you came here to explore, transmute or duplicate, you can:

  • overcome challenges and obstacles,

  • find greater satisfaction and meaning in life,

  • unlock inner and outer abundance

  • fulfil your true potential.


This uniquely personal knowledge is immensely practical, freeing, and mind-blowing all at once.

So that’s how Moses – the figure who according to the stories, led the Israelites to freedom and hope, or some ancient mystic knowledge attributed to him; take your pick – can lead you to freedom and hope too…

Even after all of these years, many generations removed, regardless of your beliefs about him or the ‘containers’ of the stories about him.

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Melanie Britz

Melanie Britz is a Soul Journey coach, author and specialist energy facilitator.

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