The Sacred Earth Activations are channelled and designed to assist you in activating specific aspects of abundance and ascension within your energetic body, using the concentrated power of certain places on the earth where there are ancient lightcodes and energetic leylines, portals and sacred powergrids that we can tap into.

This specific activation, known as the Feather activation is linked to the card of The Wings of Pegasus, and connects to the Bear Butte mountain and surroundings in South Dakota, USA .

Latitude: 44° 28’ 35’’ N

Longitude: 103°25’ 21’’ W

Length of Time: 45 minutes

Bear Butte is a mountain in the northern part of the Black hills. It has been a sacred site to the Northern Plains Indigenous Americans for thousands of years. It gets its name because of looking like a sleeping bear.

The Lakota call the mountain Mato Paha and believe that it is a place where the creator has chosen to communicate with them through visions and prayer. They still visit the area for religious and ceremonial purposes.

During this activation we connect to our Spirit horse, exploring the places of legend in the area, including Devil’s Tower unlocking great vaults of extraordinary potential within you, activating aspects and talents that you didn’t know existed. It specifically targets your Solar plexus area and finishes with a ceremony at Bear Butte to leave a sacred feather prayer in this power place to dance in the wind there, sending its vibrations into the world continually.

Price: R170 / about US$10