The Sacred Earth Activations are channelled and designed to assist you in activating specific aspects of abundance and ascension within your energetic body, using the concentrated power of certain places on the earth where there are ancient lightcodes and energetic leylines, portals and sacred powergrids that we can tap into.

This specific activation, known as the Rainbow activation is linked to the card of The Cosmic Dancer, and connects to the Rainbow bridge in Arizona/Utah in the USA.

Latitude: 37° 4′ 38.712” N
Longitude: 110° 57′ 51.7752” W

Length of Time: 47 minutes

The Rainbow bridge is a place that is considered powerfully sacred by the Native American tribes that live in the area.

The bridge emits a low humming sound. This almost inaudible sound is caused by various processes. This includes the fact that the stone expands slightly when warmed and contracts when it cools. It also sways ever so slightly in the wind and picks up subtle vibrations in the earth and its surroundings. These slow, subtle vibrations strum the Rainbow bridge, like giant guitar strings, amplifying and emitting a powerful continuous song.

The first time I played a recording of this humming, which was recorded by scientists, I broke out in goosebumps and got tears in my eyes. For me, seated in meditation in my home in South Africa as I used a ceremony with the GPS co-ordinates and this sound to access this first sacred site my guides had pointed me at, it seemed like the bridge was humming right into my soul in a very basic but profound way.

Like it knew me.

Like it had been waiting for me for lifetimes.

The intensity of it was staggering.

When this low humming sound emanating from the bridge washes over you, it is almost like a tuning fork tuning you to its frequency. (It is actually embedded into all of the Sacred Earth Activation soundtracks).

It activates an ancient memory deep within you, reminding you of your long time deep connection to the earth. The song sings of lifetimes walking this earth, growing in wisdom and compassion with each step that you’ve taken. It tells how you were born of the stars, made from stardust. How your very being here expands the universe and all that is. A song of you being loved and cherished and bidding you welcome. It really is profound and powerful.

The activations at this site, given to me by my guides, uses the flow from the bridge to five different crystal stones set in a circle. Each has its own purpose: the stones of remembrance, strength, purity, unity and lastly the rainbow portal stone where you, as I was asked to do, can activate parts of your DNA which holds as yet untapped light code activations which are needed by the world at this time, and let them flow to the bridge, which will transmit them into the world.

I was shown that as people start connecting to this healing grid that is being built (for which this site is the basic access point) their untapped light codes will get activated and added to this song and vibration and sent out into the world by the Rainbow bridge.

All the right people will somehow find the meditation/activation and be drawn to it and guided to it. It was part of our soul contracts, part of why we were born, part of our roles here.

This activation is the access point to the healing grid and attunement to its frequency is a prerequisite to accessing all other sacred site activations’ energy. It is free to do.


Price: R0 / about US$0