At the core of us, we are pure soul essence.

But on top of that, we build these energetic structures – of personality, of beliefs, of all the experiences we have had, our attachments to people, to outcomes.

And it is from here, that we live our lives.

Connecting to Avebury

As part of my soul’s work to connect with sacred power places on earth I recently was asked by my guides to connect to Avebury’s two inner stone circles and shown that they represent a masculine and feminine aspect. I followed a specific channelled sequence and method I have been shown, to anchor my energy into the earth grid at that place and then closed my eyes…

Avebury’s masculine inner circle’s energy shakes you about relentlessly, like an earthquake, until you become empty, emptier, emptiest.

The waves remove the shields, the masks, collapses the importance of what you thought were life-affirming or necessary or even just true until only this vast empty emptiness remains.


You, the vessel. Still structured, but empty, and clean of everything.

Empty of the trauma of the past. Empty of the mistaken beliefs you had built your life upon. Empty even of all you had loved or attached yourself to.

Empty of the experiences that had been impacting your manifestation and outlook thus far.

The Oneness

Move then to the inner feminine circle, and here the very structure of you is softly and gently and just as relentlessly dissolved, to become one with the Oneness that is all.

The godhead, the spark of creation, the Great I Am. And within that great and encompassing energy you lose what structure or form you still held.

You become a spark, an awareness, a conscious expression of something infinite, where there are an infinite number of subjects to master, an infinite number of paths to explore, a never-ending spiral of soul expression to spiral into.

Within that infinite presence, you can finally see the truth of who you are, collapsed, cleaned, aligned… Expanded finally into your great self, aligned within both your masculine and feminine energies, the doing, and being, the structure and the flow… The tides of all of creation and destruction simultaneously and softly pushing and pulling you into their embraces. Buffering you gently, lovingly, teasingly…

From here it is different

From this place, the act of manifestation is different. It is no longer bound by the traumas and experiences of the past or held back by the limitations of your current worldview or that of those around you, it is no longer informed or guided by what the outcomes were before you knew this… before you became this.

Within this vortex, it is just your soul spark, and the will to create exists from within an infinite number of possibilities, all interesting, all worthy, all ultimately unimportant.

A choice from this place carries a purity of playful, joyful intention which before was distorted within the skewed, misaligned personality and experience structures that were you before you underwent this activation, this cleansing, this alignment, this expansion into self. It now carries pure intention, pure will, pure essence, pure love, a truer reflection of the vortex pillar of the divine within all of us.

You realise and see that all of reality swirls around its axis. All of reality and non-reality is contained within.

No limitations

The old priorities are different, not important here. What you manifest from here is powerfully rooted in your soul’s greatest possible expression and there are no more limitations or blocks.

You have gone so deep that even the deepest layers of your personality and traumas were laid bare and flew away finally, gratefully and gracefully within the energetic windstorm of this space.

Finally, you are the You-essence you have been searching for.

Finally, you See.

*This energetic experience will form the basis of a new Sacred Earth Activation (which is a compilation of energy healings and activations forming an energetic healing grid linked to various power places on earth which I am building on instruction by my spirit guides). The Activations are all available on my website. This means that you will soon be able to access this Avebury energy experience for yourself through a guided meditation and anchoring method and use it to shift yourself energetically too.