If you wake up one morning hearing a faint song on the wind that calls out to you, the only thing to do, of course, is to follow, straining your ears to make out the faint notes, the soft lyrics.

It doesn’t matter if you have other stuff to do.

It doesn’t matter if other people think you crazy.

All you can do is to wander off to seek that song, while you hope and trust that you will find it and that when you do, it will be all of the soul-stirring ecstasy that it hints at.


You’ll probably get lost or stumble a few times.

You will definitely feel both lonely and scared. No one who wanders off their comfortable, beaten path escapes these eternal companions of the road.

You certainly will wonder if you are doing the right thing.

But the song that you are hearing is the sound of your soul and it is calling you.

This… this breath of courage and intrigue is your life – not all the mundane practicalities, to-do lists or day-to-day responsibilities.

You have to let go of all that you have been or could be and allow the adventure to happen to you.

So, from one wanderer to another:

May the joys of the path eclipse the discomforts and may you remain steadfast and true to that almost-beautiful melody that only you can hear…

Much love,