Immersion is the ability to go beyond the surface, the obvious, the superficial. It is the ability to really feel and affect the moment, to understand life and yourself to the fullest.

When you are preoccupied with time or the common trappings of time, like the clock, diary, to-do lists and strategic plans filled with timeframes and action steps, you are dancing on the surface of the moment and not playing in the powerful depths of it.

It is only on the surface of each moment that the construct of time plays any role. Once you go deeper, time has no power or effect any longer.

In order to heal, one has to immerse oneself in the stuck emotions and pain and allow them to dissolve.

To be happy, one has to immerse oneself fully in more moments of one’s life, instead of running around, skipping over the edges of it.

Immersion turns life from an empty chase into one of fulfilled satisfaction. It is all about richness, quality of experience, and ultimately, quality of life.

Our biggest lack thinking stems from a lack of immersion.

But, if your main emotion is fear, it doesn’t feel good to immerse yourself in more of it. It’s like dunking yourself into a pool made up of you and the world’s collective fears.

So we often avoid it.


And yet, if we can learn to swim and trust that we are built to breathe underwater and will not drown in there, the keys to happiness, purpose and joy lies at the bottom of that pool.

I believe that immersion is actually one of the most valuable skills we can master.

  • If you immerse yourself in life’s uncertainty, instead of trying to change it into certainties, you will find creativity.
  • If you can immerse yourself in hope and peace, the storms can rage about you, and never touch you.
  • If you can immerse yourself in your own psychology and emotions, you can heal them.
  • If you can immerse yourself in your dreams for the future, you can achieve them and make them come to life.
  • If you can immerse yourself in the present moment, you can master the past and create the future you want.

We are afraid of immersion because it means a loss of control, the need for which is a form of fear, born in reaction to hurts and disappointments in our past.

We are afraid of immersion because often the very first thing we encounter when we do immerse is all the unprocessed stuff we spent a lifetime running away from.

We are afraid of immersion because that means confronting our own feelings of unworthiness and imperfection, our shame and guilt and past mistakes.

We avoid immersion in the name of efficiency and productivity, where we choose quantity over quality and we hope that somehow, some way we might stack up enough busy hours to equal one minute of immersive bliss.

Immersion is the price we have to pay, to reclaim our lives from our pain and the expectations of the world.

Immersion is the key and opportunity we are offered, to re-engage with our souls.

It turns the old philosophy of the world on its head.

It is not about gathering money and owning more and more things. A mindless pursuit of money and things are often surface level activities, a desperate attempt to fill a longing inside of us that can actually only be filled by… yes, immersion.

You are more likely to attract money and true abundance to you with immersion and gratitude anyway because it raises your vibration, and shifts your awareness deeper into the subconscious patterns that are governing you and your relationship with money.

The philosophy of immersion shifts us from this money gathering to collecting moments of expansion, joy and happiness. Those could lie anywhere along your day. They often have nothing to do with money and we often miss them in our state of busy-ness.


 Here are ten things you can do to practice more immersion today:

  1. Be more mindful of the moment or minute you are in right now. What does it taste, smell, sound, look and feel like? Become aware of it. Be here now.
  2. Do something that makes you lose track of time, that lights up your heart and mind, often.
  3. Meditate every day, even if it is only for a few minutes.
  4. Listen to music really, really loudly, or even better – get up and dance to it.
  5. Take a walk in a forest or nature, and leave your busy mind and schedule behind. Practice the Japanese technique of Shinrin-yoku or forest bathing. Feel how the forest and trees welcome you, embraces you and immerse yourself in the setting.
  6. Get a handle on your own suppressed emotions, the unresolved traumas in your psyche. Feel them and heal them.
  7. Practice connecting, really connecting, with random strangers. Really look the lady behind the till or the guy behind the counter in the eye. Smile.
  8. Journal dump by writing a page in your diary every night where you are just downloading all you are feeling about what happened during the day.
  9. Become clear about your goals and visualise achieving them on an immersive level, with every sense involved, every positive emotion triggered.
  10. Treasure, really treasure the things you are grateful for each day and practice immersive gratitude.

Immersion allows you to better explore your own internal grace and make the most of your external opportunities.

Immersion, expansion, happiness… May you feel it, and practice it often.

Much love,