The five secret building blocks of successful manifestation

There are five secret building blocks that have to be stacked correctly in order to manifest successfully.

If your current manifestation goal is not working out as you hoped, it could be because you are missing out on one of these five crucial, but little known building blocks.


You have to be specific about what you want. A vague notion of wanting more money or more clients are not going to bring the results you want. How much money – give an amount and a time frame. Otherwise, a 5 cent piece on the sidewalk will have reached the goal, but not in the way you have in mind. If you want more clients, how many, what type of clients? Fully paying, motivated, pleasant clients? If your goal is not clear and specific you are missing the first building block already.


Is your goal aligned with your soul’s higher purpose and potential? Does it light up your whole inner being when you think about it? Or is it something you want because of the expectations of your culture, society or your parents? If you are trying to co-create something that is not in soul alignment, there will not be any depth or power to the manifestation.


Do you want that thing because you are trying to get to wholeness or feeling better about yourself? Do you think that having it will finally allow you to be happy, to feel loved or feel successful? You are trying to use something external to patch up a soul wound you have, and unfortunately, even if you succeed in manifesting that thing, it will not make you feel any better for more than a moment. Our need for external validation is actually one of the three hidden time wounds we all have due to how we’ve been programmed to think about time and what we should be using it for, and healing it is part of a free training session I offer as part of my free Conscious Time Mastery content. (Check it out below).


Are you focused on getting to that destination, getting that thing, only? Or are you focused on the journey, enjoying the process of expanding your capacity, your opportunities for growth and changing your old habits and way of being? By focusing too much on the destination, we actually focus on the fact that we are not there yet, and that lowers our vibration and pushes that thing away a little bit further. This is something that is difficult for us to embrace in our instant gratification world, There is a technique that you can use that works – a new way of thinking about time that is part of the free Conscious Time Mastery training videos to help you with this, if you are getting stuck on this building block.


Are you taking consistent and inspired action towards that goal every day? Are you using your time in a way that is aligned with doing your part to co-create that in your life? Or are you doing nothing and waiting for it to appear out of thin air? If you take one committed step towards that goal the Universe will take 10 towards you. You don’t have to work hard to be worthy of it or to deserve it, but manifesting a goal is often disguised as effort in the real world, not just meditating on it and visualising it (although this is necessary too).

Have you stacked up all five of the building blocks? Then you unlock a beautiful dance of attunement and alignment, inspired action, allowing grace and flow into your life and then…once you’ve built the capacity to really embody that goal and you’ve fully become the person who already has it… BOOM! It happens. And it’s awesome.


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