The 7 Ways you are Wasting Time (without even realising it)

We often think of “Wasted time” as time spent in mindless things like Facebook games or watching TV or just sitting around aimlessly, or waiting for the doctor (I mean, why are they almost always running behind schedule?).

But actually “wasted time” might not be the obvious things you think about when you hear the words… Here are a few thoughts on more serious ways in which we waste time.

1. Out of Alignment

It is time spent doing things that you are not in alignment with because you didn’t want to offend someone or you couldn’t figure out how to say no when it was thrust upon you.

2. Worry

It is time spent worrying about something that might happen in the future which takes you out of the present moment and out of a vibration of being okay in the now, because you are trying to solve a potential future event or circumstance by going over and over it in your mind in never-ending circles – a strategy that has never once actually solved it, even if it was going to occur, which is not a given certainty anyway.

3. Lost in the past

It is time spent re-hashing the past when you’re not doing it with a) the intention of actually fixing the dis-functional programming that you are running because of it, b) forgiving everyone and everything concerned with it or c) consciously and gratefully contemplating the lessons and gifts you can take away from it.

4. Not honoring your inner child

It is the time you’re not spending frequently letting loose your inner child who wants to do fun things, laugh, play and get creative.

5. Not being grateful

It is the time you’re not spending being grateful for the wonderful and amazing life you already have and dreaming up ways to make it even better.

6. Phone calls you are not making

It is the phone call you’re not making to the family member, friend or loved one you haven’t caught up with in a while, just to chat and tell them that you miss them.

7. Time not spent with yourself

It is the time you’re not spending with yourself: doing nothing but actually feeling what you’re feeling, getting quiet and peaceful and present in the moment and in your body and in your life and just hanging out with yourself.

So the question then isn’t really how much time we are wasting every day, it becomes how much time are we not wasting?

The time spent disengaging from your own thoughts by doing mindless activities like games or watching TV might actually be helping you cope with the stressful pace and information overload, so don’t judge them too harshly.

It might be more helpful to choose one of the lesser known, less mainstream “wasted time” definitions above, and go and do them or stop doing them, as and when you find appropriate. 🙂

Much love,