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How I can help you

Soul Journey Energy Coaching

During a 1-on-1 session, we explore the

unique Soul energy system of YOU.

We explore your unique Soul path energy blend and life purpose and how best to work with and align to the energies in your chart.

Utilising information from your Akashic records which include past lives, soul contracts, and ancestral karma, and getting valuable guidance from your spiritual support team (which includes your higher self) to help you reach your highest potential.

The 6-week Align Intensive

Alignment is the key to allowing life to express itself gracefully and powerfully through you.

Create a path of effortless flow, where you step fully into your soul purpose and into the gifts you came here to express.

Unlock abundance, amazing relationships, a meaningful career or inspiring activities that are all on point with why your soul chose to be here now.

Your highest life potential, your soul's most magnificent expression is within reach with this 6-week Align Intensive...

I CAN Manifest 33-day Course

Expand your understanding of money and all it represents, including money as time, ideas, a friend, support for yourself, a barometer of how you are showing up in the world and the value you are embodying daily.

Undergo specific energy processes to release old money stories and karma and increase your money setpoint. and gain habits that can start making a difference in your flow of abundance immediately.

Join more than 2000 students who have changed their money reality with this Course on the Insight Timer app

I CAN MANIFEST is a really wonderful course that changed my relationship with money. It gave me new insights around claiming money, and being specific in my request. I so appreciate Melanie's action steps and insights along this journey. Thank you!


Wow, thank you! I will be taking I CAN MANIFEST again. Melanie is such a great companion along this journey and such a pleasure to spend time with. In addition, the journey she takes us on is so well thought-out and presented. Thank you so much!


I CAN MANIFEST is very thought-provoking and inspiring, with many, many new ways to look at abundance and allow it to flow.


I CAN MANIFEST is a great, insightful course, full of gems and important truths. It can take commitment over the duration of it, but it is worthwhile. Very grateful for this course and the additional perspectives it brought me. Highly recommend.


The words Soul Path can feel quite ethereal and mythical. Yet the Reading that Melanie did for me made the seeming ‘abstract’ into a ‘tangible’ person. Namely Me!

At 69 years of age, having lived through a great portion of my Soul Path, it was like STANDING IN FRONT OF A MIRROR IMAGE OF MYSELF.

The ACCURACY was impressive in both the positive and the negative aspects of my 'Worldly & Spiritual' life to date. I saw myself so clearly in those attributes of the numbers that came forth.

The most ASTOUNDING thing for me is that I caught glimpses of how many of the lessons are already integrating and the exciting prospect is, that despite being 69, there is still more of the path to experience.

One thing that I noted in particular was this – until a year or two ago, I did not always respond well to any negative aspects of my personality being outlined or brought to the fore.
I was so hooked on judging those as ‘ bad’ that it became more of an obstacle, instead of a hurdle to jump and integrate.

Today I can read about the negative aspects with respect for the fact that I am being created into a whole being, transmuting the shadow so that the whole can be awesome. I look forward to deriving more guidance from this session moving towards the goal of the union of opposites.

Rose McClement

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