Discover a roadmap to your full soul potential with a Soul Path reading!

Soul Path Reading

Align with your soul destiny to unlock happiness and abundance.

Which of the 22 Energies of Creation are you predominantly working with in this life?


What are Soul Path readings?

Soul Path readings are based on the energies of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Each of these letters have a specific numerology (known as gematria), which has spiritual significance.

These numbers can then be used to reveal insights about a person’s life purpose and spiritual journey.

How can a Soul Path reading help me?

In a Soul Path Reading your name (translated into the phonetic equivalent in Hebrew) is used to calculate various numerological values, which are then interpreted to reveal insights about your life purpose.

You will learn more about your:

  • worldly challenges
  • worldly talents
  • worldly goals
  • spiritual challenges
  • spiritual talents
  • spiritual goals
  • soul destiny,
  • dominant vibration (if any).

By understanding and aligning with your specific life path and soul plan, you can

  • overcome challenges and obstacles,
  • unlock inner and outer abundance
  • find greater satisfaction and meaning in life, and
  • fulfill your true potential and life purpose.

The 22 Energies of Creation

Hebrew is one of three sacred languages whose alphabets are special.

In the Sefer Yetsirah, or the Book of Creation, an early Hebrew text, each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet is associated with a specific aspect of creation.

These letters can be used to understand (and manipulate) the forces of the Universe, according to the book.

Your soul is a unique combination of traits, talents, challenges and goals, like a woven braid highlighting some of these energies.

During a reading your dominant personal strands of energy that intertwined to become you, will become clear.

It is a very enlightening experience that also offers practical steps to align to your own unique soul path.

The Aspects of your Energy strands are important

Challenge Aspects

When an energy is in a Challenge Aspect, it represents lessons that you are trying to grow from. These lessons decrease in intensity as your personality learns the lessons.

Challenge Aspect energies can become the greatest source of connection to Source as the negative energy is transmuted into its positive form.

Talent Aspects

Talent Aspect energies are primarily positive. They are latent initially and need to be developed.

There will probably be a small element of the Challenge Aspect to work through initially in order to start manifesting their positive aspects.

Goal Aspects

When an energy is in a Goal Aspect it means that you are to come into the positive aspects of that energy. It will act as an incentive, like a dream you are striving for over and over your entire life. A deep soul yearning.

Soul Destiny

When an energy shows up as a Soul Destiny, it is an essential aspect of who you are at a deeper level.

It also is indicative of your highest potential and overall purpose.

It becomes more powerful and predominant as you move through your lessons and challenges and activate your talent and goal energies.

Soul path report example

Your personal Soul Path report will look like this…

  • The first page has your name, a Star of David with the different numbers/energies represented as the points of the triangles.
  • Your Soul Destiny number is in the middle.
  • There is also a summary of the energies in a table format for easy reference.
  • The following pages has explanations of all the numbers represented in your chart (with positive and negative aspects separated).
  • The last page has some notes about the aspects and how the energies show up in certain positions.
  • A summary of the energies in your chart and what they might mean ends off the packet of information.

A Soul Path reading is 1:30 hours long, conducted via Zoom.

You can be anywhere in the world.

International clients US$105, South African clients ZAR 1500.

A recording of your reading is available to download afterwards, upon request, so that you can refer back to it later.

Afterwards you will receive your personal Soul Path report, and your personal Abundance key via email.

What is your Abundance key?

A key works to unlock the tumblers of a lock by fitting perfectly into the lock and interacting with the tumblers, or small pins inside the lock.

A key has a unique, specific shape that corresponds to the shape of the lock it is designed to open.

Working with the challenge energies in your creation energy DNA successfully is like creating the perfectly shaped parts of a key.

Some parts of the key will already be working, others not.

Example of an Abundance key

Following your Soul Path session you will get your own PERSONAL ABUNDANCE KEY based on what we discussed,.

The key is, well, the key to unlock specific pins in your life so that the door to inner and outer abundance will open.

Then you can focus on the specific parts of your key where the pins or tumblers of your life are not yet in the right position, and watch the magic unfold.

Di Atherton

Di Atherton

explains what her Soul Path reading and Abundance key did for her

My Soul and Abundance Key reading with Melanie felt like the last missing piece of a puzzle.

I now have a clear blueprint with the talents, goals and challenges that I came into this lifetime with and a greater understanding of my purpose.

I was completely blown away by how on point it all was.

Melanie takes great care and time to thoroughly explain the reading which I really appreciated.

I refer to my Abundance Key regularly to remind myself of my challenges and how to overcome them, in fact it stays in my Planner so I have easy access.

For the first time ever I have focus and clarity and have made some big decisions about my work and my offerings. Since the reading I have started implementing the changes.

I have a lightness of being and an inner knowing that I am finally on the right track!

Do you want this level of clarity, understanding and focus too? Book your own reading here.

Melanie Britz

My own journey with Soul Path readings

My name is Melanie Britz. I am a Soul Journey Coach…

In 2019/20 I was working with a Jewish client, reading his Akashic records.

During some of his sessions we received channeled information that there was something very special and significant about the Hebrew alphabet and that it represented codes of some sort in certain combinations, books and texts.

In 2022 I received consistent, strong guidance from my guides that I needed to learn Hebrew.

I didn’t know why, but was also drawn to texts like the Sefer Yetsirah, the Zohar and others.

When I discovered this method which uses the Hebrew alphabet and numerology I finally understood why.

When I did my own Soul path chart it clarified so many things, including the fact that my sometimes reluctance to unapologetically claim who I was and what I did, was holding me back from reaching abundance, success and my spiritual goals.

(My soul destiny is 5-5 – which, it turns out, is to step into the world to be a courageous pioneer expressing my truth and bringing forth new spiritual material from intuitive channels).

A Soul Path reading can help you to deepen your spiritual connection and understanding, and enhance your spiritual growth.

  • Get clarity on your unique gifts and talents and your place in the world.

  • Receive guidance on how to align with your highest purpose and live a more fulfilling, meaningful life.

  • Take your spiritual journey, life and business to the next level.