A powerful process to step into your soul power and out of limiting beliefs


Are you feeling stuck in your life or with some aspect of your life, whether money, relationships, career or self-worth?

All that this stuckness-feeling is, is you bumping up against your limiting belief-scaffolding in a very uncomfortable way.

This scaffolding is an energetic structure you’ve built, on top of the pool of your pure soul light when you started your life on earth… – with denser energy.

So imagine this golden pool of light, you, your soul, and on top of this this rickety wooden structure…Β 

Some of the big pieces that you’ve built with might look like crusty rotten pieces of ship wreck lumber, full of barnacles…

These are energy blocks/karma you purposefully brought into this life in order to resolve them. You often don’t consciously know what they are, at least initially.

To this, from the time you are born, you attach other pieces of density – metaphorical 2×4’s – media programming, education, experiences, expectations of others, your attachments to certain things, personality, your ego, your disempowering relationships with authority or other people, traumas, body image, religious or spiritual programming – a whole building yard sale full of stuff.


You attach all of this together with the cement of unfelt, unresolved emotions, pain, shame, guilt and trauma.

From this rickety structure you live your life, you engage with other people, you interact, build relationships, react, get triggered and try to manifest your dream life. (Do you understand now why things are not working?)

Your soul energy can’t flow freely within this limiting structure and you will bounce back from its walls over and over again. Over the years you might have tried to dissolve some of these 2×4’s by doing inner child work, shamanic practices, meditation, journalling or different energy healing processes, with or without success.

The stories you are currently telling yourself about your life is just your mind trying to make sense of this disrupted energy flow where your soul expression is bumping up against this limiting scaffolding.

Soul Story Rescripting is a powerful process during which we:

  • Stop and go look at that story you are telling yourself (the story is your mind trying to make sense of an energy pattern or flow). We do this by writing and introspection.
  • Claim the story and accept that it is there, feeling all the feelings connected with it fully, and then releasing it by doing a heart-opening releasing meditation.
  • Step into our sovereign divine soul light and power and blast parts of that structure to dissolve them and script the new story you want to live.

There are several ways your can choose to work with me as a healer-guide-coach for this process or parts of this process:

  • Book an Akashic reading (to understand your big karmic pieces of the scaffolding better and to start releasing them).
  • Attend a Soul Rescripting Group workshop where we do a 2,5 hour process to help you discover, claim and release the old story playing out in your life and step into your power to script a new story. Check out the next date below!
  • Combine the two (and more) by doing a 4-week intensive Soul Rescripting coaching journey with me where we: 1. start with a discovery session, 2. do a one hour Akashic reading on it to discover what those big pieces of lumber are for you, why they are there and where they come from, 3. we work on writing, claiming and releasing that old energetic story and 4. script a new way of being, as you step into your power to choose your soul story, with 5. an integration support call the following week.Β 
Melanie Britz

The next Soul Story Rescripting Group workshop is on:

August 27, 2021

Friday at 15:00 SAST

Online via Zoom

Cost: R595/$40 per person

Book your spot HERE.