The Wilding card - Energy of Abundance oracle

The Wilding Card meaning

Who were you before the world told you who to be?

What is your true and wild nature like, buried beneath the comforting but concealing blanket of civilisation, education, beliefs and behavioural programming? 

Do you know? Have you ever known?

Tamed and broken

You have been tamed and broken down and shamed into a shallow and sad reflection of your true self.

But your true and wild, magnificent nature is still there. It is waiting to be let loose so that instead of your world transforming you, you can transform your world.

Manifesting power

Your manifesting power is intimately connected to rediscovering this disavowed self that is hidden within.

To access, you have to go deep within and undergo a wilding. This is the opposite of a taming. It is a reversal of all you’ve known and become habituated to.

Devolution back to self

Connect back to all you have repressed and let wither away. You are being called to acknowledge your inner source of ancient primordial power… A regeneration, transformation and devolution back to self.

It doesn’t matter if the world is ready for the true wild you. It only matters that you are.

Blocks/opportunities for Abundance linked to this card

  • Disconnection from your true nature and your ancient primordial power,
  • Taught beliefs that certain emotions or aspects of you are bad, eg. anger, tears
  • Repression of self,
  • Letting the world and its expectations keep you from accessing your greatness,
  • Feelings of shame,
  • Letting the world transform you instead of you transforming the world,
  • Repressed emotions and talents

Ancient Forest Activation

Sacred Earth Activation – The Wilding

The Sacred Earth Activations are channelled and designed to assist you in activating specific aspects of abundance and ascension within your energetic body, using the concentrated power of certain places on the earth where there are ancient light codes and energetic leylines, portals and sacred power grids that we can tap into.

This specific activation, known as the  Ancient forest activation is linked to the card of The Wilding, and connects to La Gomera in the Canary Islands, Spain.

Latitude: 28° 07’ 47’’ N

Longitude: 17° 14’ 17’’ W

Sacred Earth Activation place linked to this card: Garajonay forest, La Gomera: Photo:

La Gomera

La Gomera is also known as the Island in the clouds.

On the lower slopes of the dramatic mountains that form this island, you’ll find semi-desert conditions, but high up in the mountain laurel cloud forests thrive.

La Gomera is the second smallest Canary island, measuring 36 km from east to west. It rises 1487m above sea level, lying off the coast of Morocco.

The Garajonay forest lies in the heart of the island around its highest peak. It is densely wooded, almost always shrouded in mist and clouds.

Ancient, living fossil

It is one of Europe’s last remaining cloud forests and an authentic ancient living fossil. Once, millions of years ago, most of Europe and North Africa was covered in laurel forests like this, but the age of the glaciers eradicated them.

As you are walking into this forest during this activation, you are walking into yourself. With every step, you feel your connection with all that is, and with the wholeness of your own essence, growing.

Let the forest show you how to reconnect back to your wildness, your truth and your power and re-integrating all of the lost and orphaned parts of you, bringing them home into yourself, into your heart.

This activation connects you energetically with all of that as well as the ancient Earth wisdom that abides in this special place.

Price: R170/about US$10