Ungrounded energy card in the Energy of Abundance oracle

Ungrounded Energy card meaning

Manifestation happens when we can ground our visions, intentions and dreams into practical reality.

Working from a place of coherent, grounded and conscious energy, embodying all of our parts, beautiful and ugly, is a keystone of this process.

Sometimes we are too much in our heads and disconnected from our bodies and hearts. Or the pain and unresolved trauma we feel in our body are so much that we step out of full embodiment.

Manifestation capacity

Sometimes our soul even fragments as a trauma survival mechanism. This diminishes our energy emission and the manifestation capacity available to us.

Even just being highly empathetic can make it hard to be really present and grounded into our bodies because of emotional overload.

Other times we try to manifest from a place of resistance. Or we can try to cover up for our feelings of lack, worthlessness or shame. This is another form of being ungrounded.

Crucial component

Your energetically grounded and balanced physical body is a crucial component for true abundance. This card is an indication that this aspect is lacking at this time.

Blocks/Opportunities for Abundance linked to this card:

  • Personal energy field not grounded into the earth’s energy grid,
  • Too much mental activity drowning out your body’s wisdom and intuition,
  • Energy flow disturbances,
  • Being in resistance to what is,
  • Trying to manifest from outside of your true nature,
  • Not coming from a place of wholeness and self-love

The Triple Gateway wish activation

Sacred Earth Activation – Ungrounded Energy

The Sacred Earth Activations are channelled and designed to assist you in activating specific aspects of abundance and ascension within your energetic body, using the concentrated power of certain places on the earth where there are ancient lightcodes and energetic leylines, portals and sacred powergrids that we can tap into.

This specific activation, known as the Triple Gateway wish activation is linked to the card of the Ungrounded Energy, and connects to Göbleki Tepe, Turkey.

Latitude: 37° 13′ 22” N
Longitude: 38° 55′ 21” E

Sacred Earth Activation place linked to this card: Göbleki Tepe, Turkey. Photo: Medium.com

Göbleki Tepe

Göbleki Tepe in Southeastern Turkey is perhaps the world’s first temple, dating back as much as 11 000 years (6000 years before Stonehenge). Today it is an archeological site comprised of great stone circles on a barren hilltop, one of them 65 feet across. This is the first human-built holy place of worship.

The site has several concentric stone circles, with massive T-shaped pillars setting into the walls, which reached almost six meters in height. Many of these pillars are decorated with reliefs of animals and other motifs. These circles are built around pairs of T shaped pillars positioned roughly in their centre, facing each other with the stones forming circles around them. The three circles form an underlying triangle with equal sides.

The Wishing Tree

Close by on the top of the manmade knoll, and visible from a great distance, grows the single lone Wishing tree.

During the energy activation we travel back in time to when the temple site was fully functional and not a ruin, and pass through three energy gateways:

  • the Gateway of the Vulture where we deal with the ugly parts of you which you don’t like to acknowledge or love,
  • the Gateway of the Copper Snake where you are assisted in shedding your skin of expectations, that of others and yourself, and finally
  • the Gateway of the Scimitar Cat (Homotherium), a powerful ancient predator who guides you to embrace your true nature and purpose.

Finally, the Wishing tree will guide you to make a powerful energetic wish in harmony with the teachings of the three gateways.

Price: R170 /about US$ 10