Melanie Britz is a Mystic and Specialist Soul Journey Guide

Melanie Britz

…shifting energy blocks & limiting karmic patterns,

…activating & aligning you with your soul’s highest potential to shift your consciousness,

…helping you achieve happiness and greater abundance in all aspects of your life.


Melanie has published two books:

  • Dive in – a self-help memoir
  • Fabulous 365 – a collection of 365 daily affirmations (only available in paperback in South Africa – please contact Melanie directly if you are interested.)
Fabulous 365

Meditation teacher

She is a meditation teacher on the app Insight Timer where you can access her meditations and sacred earth activations for free.

The Sacred Earth Activations assist you in activating specific aspects of abundance and ascension within your energetic body using the concentrated power of certain places on the earth.

Course Creator

Practical Mindfulness for business success, on Udemy

Practical Mindfulness for Business success

Learn The Neuroscience Of Mindfulness, The Ancient Discipline of Mindfulness & Practical Mindfulness For A New You!

I CAN Manifest, a 33-day paid course on Insight Timer

I Can Manifest course on Insight Timer

Master the I CAN Method of Manifesting and improve your relationship with money, the Universe and yourself.

The Odyssey Code 7 Steps to Reach your Dreams, a personal development course on Udemy

The Odyssey Code: 7 steps to your dreams

An Amazing Journey of Awakening, Manifestation, Self-Discovery and Personal Transformation

Forest bathing – an amazing immersive experience

Melanie’s most highly rated walking meditation on Insight Timer is based on the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku, meaning “forest bathing”. It is an immersive, mindful, and exquisite experience of the forest and a deeply healing connection with nature, which has been proven by scientists to have various health benefits, including lowering stress, blood pressure and benefitting your body’s immune system. Use this guided practice while walking slowly in a forest environment, following the prompts along the way.

Forest scene
Melanie Britz Keynote speaker

Keynote speaker / Podcast guest

Global. Authentic. Inspired.

Melanie is an experienced and empowering keynote speaker / podcast guest / workshop facilitator.

Her expertise range from:

  • the surprising link between happiness and mindfulness,
  • how to change your money reality by changing your money mindset
  • how to embrace your authenticity as an asset in business and in life.
  • the four ways your space is holding you back energetically and what to do about it
  • how the Akashic records can help you heal and get guidance
  • how Moses can help you discover your soul purpose
  • mindful problem-solving using your environment and intuition

and more…